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Darkspeed Kuiper-Drive – Battleborn Lore

And now, the teaser trailer for the action-packed sequel to Darkspace Operations!

Darkspace Operations 2 ULTRA-Mix, Sigma Exertion Remastery, Eleventy Xty-Eight:

Darkspeed Kuiper-Drive

     “Toby’s flippers flapped expertly at the panel of buttons set into the cockpit’s console. Sure, Berg was a great death machine for single-combat. But with the resources the Rogues salvaged at the _Luxverse_ base, he was finally able to build Berg the way he’d always intended. 200 feet tall. Driven by twin phasefurnace reactors. Capable of discharging a 16.2 zettawatt pulse from its core. Equipped for orbital deployment and atmospheric re-entry. 32-bit interior display. Armrests with _built-in cupholders_.      As the volcanic rumbling of its engines animated the behemoth, only one thought burned in Toby’s mind, _’Now they’ll HAVE to respect me…right?’_ “

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