Hi, my name is Peter but you may known me by my Gamertag MentalMars. I live in Holland and i can speak Dutch & English. A few of my passions are gaming, webdesign & graphical art, and if you take a look around my website you can see the dedication of that. What started out as a Borderlands community project got out of control and became a massive fanart collection. Soon a portfolio website got to the size of... well this. I hope you enjoy my work and the passions i put into these creations, hopefully you can take the time to send me a note if you like it.

Thanks & Enjoy!

Latest News

Battlebread Update April 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another Battlebread update it’s been a while since i did one of the...

MentalMars Shout Out at Xbox NL Live Stream

Dennis from 2K Benelux was invited to be part of the Xbox  NL (Holland) live stream. Here the host, ...

MentalMars Shout Out at PaxEast2017

During the “Inside Gearbox Panel” at Pax East 2017 there was a section where they talked...

Battlebread Update December 2016

Hey everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I thought its time for another update blog. Over the last few weeks i h...

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