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Hi, my name is Peter but you may known me by my Gamertag MentalMars. The name MentalMars started as a internet alias back in the 90’s, because that’s what all the cool kids do (right?). At first it might be a strange name, but over time you build a certain name and it gets accepted. Look at it as Facebook, Yahoo, Google & Wii, at first people thought what kind of name is that but over time those same people started saying “Google is your friend”. Within the timespan that i have been active i influenced a few communities by creating some awesome content and even managed a few communities on the way. During this time my content stood out and got positive feedback by it’s community.

  • MentalMars

    you're certainly on my list of awesome community members

    Chris F | GBX Product Manager
  • MentalMars

    This is so cool, I love the concept and you captured some of the tension of the inevitable standoff. Great work!

    Chloe Skew | PR & Marketing at Turtle Rock Studios
  • MentalMars

    Now on my desktop!

    Randy Varnell | Creative Director on Battleborn / Design Producer on Borderlands 2

I live in Holland and i can speak Dutch & English. A few of my passions are gaming, webdesign & graphical art, and if you take a look around my website you can see the dedication of that. What started out as a Borderlands community project got out of control and became a massive fanart collection. For a long time i have been thinking of a portfolio website where i could showcase some of my work. On March 2014 i got contacted by one of the biggest Dutch gaming websites to supply content for a weekly rubric called wallpaper wednesday. At that point  i thought ‘this is the time i got too make it happen’. Soon a dream became a portfolio website and that also turned into something bigger to the size of… well this. Hopefully you enjoy my work and the passions i put into these creations.

Thanks & Enjoy!

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