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All the content on this website is created by myself and in my free time. I don’t get paid for doing this by anyone, but except maybe i will by you. If you like the content that i’m creating and you would like to help me out a bit, please feel free to donate onto my paypal account.

Because Reasons

1) The content on this website is free, but my hosting isn’t ad revenues are dropping and ad blockers are becoming more popular. So if you are using a Ad Blocker you could white list my website or donate to support my work.

2) I like making these kinds of content and i would love to make more. All the money that is invested by you will be used to power up this website and its content. Currently its that is keeping this site online and saving up for better tools for content creation.

3) You will be added to my Hall of Fame

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I would like to thank the following people for supporting me in my work.

  • RoboZook (€50,-)
  • Kevin M (€30,-)
  • Janneke (€25,-)
  • DeadOrb1t (€10,-)

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