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Borderlands 2 Soundtrack – Volume 2

Borderlands 2 Soundtrack Volume 2
Borderlands 2 Soundtrack Volume 2

Can’t get enough of the background music from Borderlands 2.  Then check out this Borderlands Soundtrack with tunes by Raison Varner, Jesper Kyd, &  Cris Velasco. You can stream the music from Amazon Music or just get the MP3 files.


  • Windshear Waste Ambience
  • Three Horns Valley Ambience
  • Three Horns Valey Boom Boom Fight
  • Three Horns Divide Ambience
  • Three Horns Divide Combat
  • Corrosive Caverns Combat
  • Sanctuary Can Fly
  • Sanctuary Pit
  • The Bunker Ambience
  • The Bunker Is Not What It Appears
  • Fighting Off Wilhelm
  • The Highlands Ambience
  • The Highlands Combat
  • Thousand Cuts Ambience
  • Thousand Cuts Combat
  • Fyrestone Combat
  • Wildlife Exploitation Bloodwing Encounter
  • Wildlife Exploitation Preserve Ambience
  • The Dust Rat Race
  • Eridium Blight Ambience
  • Natural Selection Annex
  • The Raid on Digistruct Peak
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