Overshield Gaming Merchandise

Overshield Gaming Merchandise
Overshield Gaming Merchandise

The Overshield Gaming Merchandise features a custom design made by MentalMars.  When you purchase merchandise you will not only get awesome gear but you also support this channel. All merchandise is printed by TeeSpring and they will take care of the orders/shipment/customer care.

Available Colors:

The Overshield Appeal is available in various colors here are some of the colors that go with this design. Some appeal can have different colors available in their region.

  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Grey
  • Purple
  • Blue


Teespring let’s me select the manufacturing location. Therefore i have created duplicate items, one for the United States (US) and one for Europe (EU).

ProTip: Select your preferred store location to save on shipment cost:

Overshield Gaming T-Shirt

Overshield Gaming Hoodie

Overshield Gaming Women’s Tee

Overshield Gaming Zip-Up Hoodie

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