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New Tales From The Borderlands takes place 1 year after the events of Borderlands 3. The war-torn planet Promethea is recovering from the hostile takeover by Maliwan when this new narrative-driven story adventure begins.

During your adventure, you will decide the fate of three underdogs on the worst day of their lives as they face down a planetary invasion, a vicious vault monster, and a cold-hearted capitalist.

List of Episodes

The story of New Tales From The Borderlands is told over the course of 5 episodes. Each episode is divided into multiple chapters. While the first two episodes both have 4 chapters the remaining episodes all have 6 chapters. Meaning there are a total of 26 chapters in the game.

It takes you about 9 hours to go through the story of New Tales From The Borderlands depending on how much time you explore the free movement sections. However, then you only experienced one of the multiple endings. So you might want to go back and perfect your Skateboard Score.

Episode 1 – Start-up

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 1
An antsy, well-meaning scientist, a streetwise, unrecognized entrepreneur, and a pathologically angry froyo shop owner all have the worst day ever.

Episode 1 Guide

Episode 2 – Disruptive Product

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2
With the help of LOU13, Anu Octavio and Fran bond as a team and embark on an absurd journey to fortune and glory.

Episode 2 Guide

Episode 3 – Capital Pains

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3
Equipped with a mysterious shard with healing properties, the gang attempts the obvious: turn to profit!

Chapter 3 Guide

Episode 4 – False Advertising

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4
Facing blowback from poor business decisions, our heroes make a plea to their angel investor.

Chapter 4 Guide

Episode 5 – Divestments

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 5
The gang considers ditching their business for more philanthropic ventures, such as saving the planet from world domination.

Episode 5 Guide

Story Choices

You get to make choices throughout your adventure that steer the story of New Tales From The Borderlands. Sometimes your choices have a great impact on the events at hand while others simply seem to direct the tone. However, over the course of each episode, you build relationships between the characters.

You will get a rating at the end of each story episode. This highlights LOU13’s Skateboard Score and the group dynamic about which characters developed a good personal relationship with each other. This rating will actually impact the ending you will see at the end of your adventure.

LabelRelationship Growth Between
Brain ‘n BrawnAnu and Fran
Sis ‘n BroAnu and Octavio
Frogurt ‘n TacosOctavio and Fran

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