New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 1 Guide

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 1

The first episode of New Tales From Borderlands is called “Start-Up” and it has 4 chapters. An antsy, well-meaning scientist, a streetwise, unrecognized entrepreneur, and a pathologically angry froyo shop owner all have the worst day ever.

Story Breakdown

Chapter 1 – Kincaid’s Chronicles

“So you wanna hear a story, eh?”

Chapter 2 – Taking Care of Business

Anu is fired from Atlas for dreaming of a weapon that doesn’t kill. Octavio, unappreciated in the business world, yearns to make a name for himself. Fran contends with an extremely unruly customer.

Chapter 3 – Hostile Takeover

Tediore’s invasion throws everyone into chaos. Anu flees Atlas for Promethea. Octavio becomes the leader of an impromptu street resistance against Tediore. Fran struggles with her insurance adjuster.

Chapter 4 – Risk Assessment

Bad days get worse as Fran and Octavio get a raw deal from the CEO of Tediore, Susan Coldwell. Anu desperately tries to catch up with Octavio.

Best Skateboard Score Decisions

LOU13 scores you based on your decisions throughout the episode. You will need to make these choices in order to get a 100% Skateboard Score.


  • Successfully turn on your tech goggles
  • Give Rhys a hard sell (left)
  • Sent the photo on Rhys’ desk vacation (center)
  • Hug Phuong
  • Kill one Psycho
  • Don’t forge the Flaming Sword of Destiny


  • Don’t piss off Jameson. (right,bottom)
  • Call Paco for help.
  • Trash talk Brock.
  • Shoot all the news boxes.
  • Obsess with tacos.
  • Be a filthy thief.


  • Break Sponsor-bot.
  • Let Hank start the fight.
  • Let Hank chill.
  • Give Reba a tour.
  • Secure the insurance claim.
    • Chill Hank and let Reba see the backroom
  • Let Reba go.


These are the Vaultlanders that you can find in this episode. However, you can also use this guide to collect every Vaultlanders.

Vaultlander FigurineChapterLocation
PhuongChapter 2When Anu is escaping the Atlas Spaceship Phuong will give it to you as she is about to leave to create a distraction.
ClaptrapChapter 2When playing Octavio you return Juniper to Paco, he will install 2 new apps on your Echodex. Don’t fix the radio but first scan the trash pile across Paco’s stand where you started this zone.
AmaraChapter 2When Fran showcases the damage to her Frogurt Shop. You first need to show the rubble in the back and then smash it.


These are the Achievements / Trophies you can unlock in this episode.

From Zeroes…

Complete Episode 1


Mas, Por Favor

Wish for more tacos.

In Episode 1, you get pinned down by a Tediore soldier. Say you wished that you ate tacos.

XBOX: 20 PointsPLAYSTATION: Silver

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