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New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2 Guide

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2

The second episode of New Tales From Borderlands is called “Disruptive Product” and it has 4 chapters. With the help of LOU13, Anu Octavio and Fran bond as a team and embark on an absurd journey to fortune and glory.

Story Breakdown

Chapter 1 – Kincaid’s Chronicles

“So you wanna hear a story, eh?”

Chapter 2 – Teambuilding Retreat

Anu, Octavio, Fran, and Lou13 meet bicker, and bond. They learn of a Vault Treasure hunted by Tediore. They resolve to find it first.

Chapter 3 – The Sewer Level

The trio traverses Promethea’s sewers in search of the fabled Vault Treasure. Fighting and sneaking past guards and guardians, they search for the Vault Entrance.

Chapter 4 – Corporate Raid

Exploring the mysterious Eridian Vault, the gang stumbles into a terrifying Vault Monster. Their situation quickly evolves to “eat-or-be-eaten.”

Best Skateboard Score Decisions

LOU13 scores you based on your decisions throughout the episode. You will need to make these choices in order to get a 100% Skateboard Score.


  • Trust Octavio’s plan.
  • Take a garbage shower.
  • Save Juniper from the Vault Monster.


  • Win the Vaultlander match in one go.
  • Don’t get detected in the sewer.
  • Convince Anu her efforts would prevent death.
  • Convince Fran she should stick it to Susan.
  • Wish for more tacos


  • Do not snitch on Octavio.
  • Trust Anu.
  • Escape unharmed from the Vault Guardians.
  • Don’t save the plumber’s marriage.


  • Since you have to choose Octavio’s plan to reach the 100% Skateboard Score, you can choose Fran’s plan in the vault during your fight with the Devourer to balance out your relationship goals.


These are the Vaultlanders that you can find in this episode. However, you can also use this guide to collect every Vaultlanders.

Vaultlander FigurineChapterLocation
ZaneChapter 3Win the Vaultlander battle with the Tediore soldier.


These are the Achievements / Trophies you can unlock in this episode.

Shard Snatchers

Complete Episode 2


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