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New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3 Guide

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3

The third episode of New Tales From Borderlands is called “Capital Pains” and it has 6 chapters. Equipped with a mysterious shard with healing properties, the gang attempts the obvious: turn to profit!

Story Breakdown

Chapter 1 – Kincaid’s Chronicles

“So you wanna hear a story, eh?”

Chapter 2 – Casual Gun-Day

The gang learns the Treasure is a shard that can heal. They do what anyone would do: shoot each other for fun. Realizing the shard can be the key to their own business, they try to raise capital.

Chapter 3 – Marketing Scheme

The gang infiltrates a game show. Anu sweats profusely. Octavio considers cheating. Fran makes a contestant feel awkward. So, great day!

Chapter 4 – Sink or Swim

Anu pitches her healing device. If they can avoid being devoured by sharks, they might actually get funding!

Chapter 5 – Future Tycoons

Packed to the gills with oodles of capital, the gang celebrates. They have a skateboard score, so, they’re officially a team!

Chapter 6 – Multitasking

The gang divides and conquers: Ock will find an office, Fran will find staff, and Anu will, naturally, find a corpse.

Best Skateboard Score Decisions

LOU13 scores you based on your decisions throughout the episode. You will need to make these choices in order to get a 100% Skateboard Score.


  • Shoot Octavio
  • Tell Finn you wanted to be a Siren
  • Name your company Heal-Better Games.
  • Don’t play the magic oboe to soothe the Beaver.


  • Tell the guard you need money.
  • Refuse the contract money.
  • Advise Anu to imagine the audience naked during her pitch.
  • Confess you sabotaged Pierre’s invention.
  • Tell Anu you loved her pitch.
  • Wish for more tacos


  • Think Finn is sexy.
  • Dive into the shark tank.
  • Win from the tank full of ferocious sharks.
  • Don’t smack Octavio.


  • Octavio is faced with a tough decision to either accept the cash L0U13 had gained from the guard’s bounty or refuse it. If you accept the money, you will gain $2500, however, if you refuse it money you will earn a slight relationship boost with Anu and Fran.


These are the Vaultlanders that you can find in this episode. However, you can also use this guide to collect every Vaultlanders.

Vaultlander FigurineChapterLocation
VazquezChapter 2When looking for spare parts as Anu, inspect the fridge in the backroom and win the dual.
RolandChapter 6When playing Anu and you need to fix the body in the morgue. Check the storage units in the back of the room. Then win the Dual.


These are the Achievements / Trophies you can unlock in this episode.

Our Lucky Winner

Complete Episode 3


You Rich Now!

Get the money from Sink or Swim.


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