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New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4 Guide

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4

The fourth episode of New Tales From Borderlands is called “False Advertising” and it has 6 chapters. Facing blowback from poor business decisions, our heroes make a plea to their angel investor.

Story Breakdown

Chapter 1 – Kincaid’s Chronicles

“So you wanna hear a story, eh?”

Chapter 2 – Poison Pill

Anu contends with an inhospitable Keeper. Her bounty with Tediore catches up to her and the rest of the gang.

Chapter 3 – Product Integration

The device revives Anu! In so doing, they encounter forces they don’t understand. In over their heads, the gang seeks help from the Angel Investor.

Chapter 4 – Holy Hacienda!

The gang arrives at the Angel Investor’s hacienda, and it’s a paradise that seems too good to be true. Meh, it’s probably fine.

Chapter 5 -Company Malfeasance

Trapped and humiliated, the gang beseeches the Angel Investor for help. They feel astronomically stupid.

Chapter 6 – Shardmenstration

The gang watches, helpless, as Susan invokes the power of life and death through the shards to corner the market and dominate the galaxy.

Best Skateboard Score Decisions

LOU13 scores you based on your decisions throughout the episode. You will need to make these choices in order to get a 100% Skateboard Score.


  • Dodge de Keeper’s attacks.
  • Kill the Keeper.
  • Admit to screwing up.
  • Go for Octavio instead of the Shard.
  • Don’t panic.


  • Love the HQ’s granite counter.
  • Let Rhonda talk you into a Lil Whiner Turret.
  • Use the booze luge for tacos
  • Don’t do the Belcher
  • Just one taco during this episode


  • Prevent Brock from exploding
  • Include LOU13 in the gang.
  • Don’t freeze Rita.
  • Don’t punch Badass Superfan.
  • Don’t be weirdly aroused after destroying everything.
  • Confess you never taught Crabworm the meaning of true love.


These are the Vaultlanders that you can find in this episode. However, you can also use this guide to collect every Vaultlanders.

Vaultlander FigurineChapterLocation
MayaChapter 4When Anu has to solve scientific problems, this Vaultlander is standing on the desk. At the end of the room.
BrickChapter 4When Fran inspects her new Froyo shop. Open the car truck on the left side of the shop. Win the Vaultlander battle
MordecaiChapter 4When Fran inspects her new Froyo shop. Inspect the cash register on the counter. Inside you will find your Vaultlander
MozeChapter 4When Fran tries to rescue Lou13, the Badass superfan will challenge you to a dual. Win this duel


These are the Achievements / Trophies you can unlock in this episode.

The Shardmenstration

Complete Episode 4


You Poor Now!

Spend the money from Sink or Swim.


You Got the Goods, Kid

Nail a perfect, sexy dance.

Get the perfect DDR score when Fergus does his dance in Episode 4, Chapter 2


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