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New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 5 Guide

New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 5

The fifth episode of New Tales From Borderlands is called “Divestments” and it has 6 chapters. The gang considers ditching their business for more philanthropic ventures, such as saving the planet from world domination.

Story Breakdown

Chapter 1 – Kincaid’s Chronicles

“So you wanna hear a story, eh?”

Chapter 2 – Bankruptcy Blues

Octavio despairs in Susan’s prison. Anu lies in a shard-induced coma, and Fran prepares for her execution by super-smug Tediore goons.

Chapter 3 – Buyback Option

Anu, Octavio, and Fran each attempt mad-cap gambits to turn the tables on Tediore.

Chapter 4 – Deal Restructure

Empowered and invigorated, the gang reunites! They resolve to storm the bridge and stop Susan.

Chapter 5 – Labor Shortage

The gang barrels through high-security checkpoints toward the ship’s bridge. They persevere for a chance to take down Susan once and for all.

Chapter 6 – Mergers, Acquisitions

As Susan holds Promethea hostage, Anu makes a difficult choice. Multiple endings ensue!

Best Skateboard Score Decisions

LOU13 scores you based on your decisions throughout the episode. You will need to make these choices in order to get a 100% Skateboard Score.


  • Reject life as a Jabber and embrace your humanity.
  • Realize Octavio needed to be heard.
  • Reject the shard.
  • Survive


  • Demand grunts to give a compliment.
  • Shoot yourself
  • Win the battle of wits in the stand-off with Tediore.
  • Ignore Bivington.
  • Ate 5 tacos throughout your adventure.
  • Survive
  • Sent grandpa on an ice floe.


  • Mouth fart at the grunts
  • Embrace your anger
  • Punch Susan
  • Survive


These are the Vaultlanders that you can find in this episode. However, you can also use this guide to collect every Vaultlanders.

Vaultlander FigurineChapterLocation
Handsome JackChapter 4There is a red X in the left back corner of Susan Cowel’s office. Win the Duel to obtain the Handsome Jack Vaultlander.
KriegChapter 4When finding Anu guarded by Stapleface. You will need to take her to protect Anu. Stapleface will give you the Vaultlander as a sign of friendship


These are the Achievements / Trophies you can unlock in this episode.

…To Heroes

Complete Episode 5


New Business

Finish the game with a good skateboard rating.

75% or higher

XBOX: 25 PointsPLAYSTATION: Silver

You Played This Before?

View every ending.

There are 5 different endings in New Tales From The Borderlands


Hey, Thanks!

Watch the credits after finishing the game.


Hey, Thanks!

Watch the credits after finishing the game.


Bring Back the Butt!

Summon the Sexy Intern.

During Fran’s Retro battle in Episode 5 (Chapter 4) you need to choose the option: Assist.


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