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Redfall Characters

Every Redfall Character

Everything you need to know about the Redfall playable characters.

Redfall Heroes

Redfall has four playable heroes to choose from. Each of them has their own personality, skills, and abilities.

Redfall Character - Devinder Crousley

Devinder “Dev” Crousley

The Verified Cryptid Hunter

Redfall Character - Jacob Boyer

Jacob Boyer

The Deadeye With An Undead Eye

Redfall Character - Layla Ellison

Layla Ellison

The Telekinetic Threat in Student Debt

Redfall Character - Remi de la Rosa

Remi de la Rosa

The Ingenious Ingeniera


Redfall Character Progression

You can level up your character as you play the game. This progress is always being saved regardless if you are playing solo or co-op. On that note; Story is only saved for the host when playing co-op.

There isn’t a level cap announced but Game Designer Harvey Smith has mentioned level 40 in an interview.

Redfall Character Skills

Each hero has 3 different active powers that you can upgrade in a bunch of different ways. Then there are unique passive skills for each character. However, there are also common abilities that every character has like the ability to carry more stuff like ammunition, lockpicks, and rewire kits.

Redfall Character Loadout

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