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Devinder “Dev” Crousley

Redfall Character - Devinder Crousley


Devinder “Dev” Crousley is one of the playable characters in Redfall.

Dev has traveled the world trying to prove the existence of the weird and supernatural. An author, brilliant inventor and self-styled “cryptid-hunter,” Dev has found some measure of internet fame through his expeditions and learnings. He was in Redfall to promote his latest book when the vampires cut the island off from the outside world, leaving him stranded.

Now he’s going to have to put all of his expertise to the test as he fights to survive and escape Redfall. Thankfully, his studies have granted him the knowledge he needs to craft his own anti-vampire weaponry. And if he just so happens to make it off the island with proof that his gadgets work and vampires are real… well, that’s just a nice bonus.


Illustration Devinder
OccupationParanormal investigator, Cryptozoologist, Inventor
LikesMysteries, Travel, Discovery, Vampires
DislikesClosemindedness, Cats, Vampires
Blood TypeB+
Voice ActorKamal Khan

Devinder’s Active Skills

Dev has three action skills that give him great crowd-control abilities and ways for him to deal AoE damage.

Arc Javelin

Dev throws a javelin that sticks to surfaces. After 1 second it shocks multiple nearby enemies as it emits chain lightning. After multiple ticks, repeats after a ~1-sec delay. 10 seconds up time.


Blacklight Ability Icon

A UV emitter petrifies enemies, stunning them for a short duration.

Energy Redistribution?2Blacklight lasts longer
Ultraviolet Light103Blacklight stays active even longer, the radius of Blacklight effects is further increased, and when Blacklight expires it violently explodes, shattering petrified vampires.


Translocate Ability Icon

Dev throws one of his homemade devices in an arc. You are translocated to the location of the device offering you the ability to quickly move around by teleporting to a specific location.

Photon Sharpening51?Petrification from the Blacklight lasts longer.
Lumen Intensity51?Increase the radius of Blacklight’s effects.
Wave Destabilization?2Reverse EntropyYou and any allies who translocate deal additional weapon damage for a few seconds.
Quantum Kerfuffle103Efficient Battery
Discordant Conjunction
Wave Destabilization
Using Translocate now creates a decoy enemies will attack. Translocate lasts longer and Reverse Entropy heals more.

Skill Tree

Dev's Skill Tree in Redfall

Dev has three skill trees that each focus on a specific action skill. Then there is a fourth tree with three access points that let you boost things like health and inventory space.

By looking at the skill tree it looks like you can extend the duration of some skills indicated by the battery. The teleporter and the UV emitter seem to have an upgrade to heal yourself. The javelin could give you better drops as indicated by the present.


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