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Jacob Boyer

Redfall - The Deadeye | Jacob Hero Trailer


Jacob Boyer is one of the playable characters in Redfall.

Jacob entered the military as soon as he was old enough, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming part of a covert Special Forces unit, where he undertook a series of recon and combat assignments. Upon his discharge, Jacob joined up with Bellweather, a private military company that took on contracts for governments and corporations around the world. It was one such corporation that brought his unit to Redfall under mysterious orders known only to his superiors. Once on the island, the expert sniper was separated from his team and a chance encounter with REDACTED left Jacob with a new, rather unique eye and the psychic raven that now haunts his side.

Illustration Jacob
LikesCats, Guitar, Solitude
DislikesCaves, Attention, Vampires
Blood TypeA-
Voice ActorYuri Lowenthal


Jakob has three action skills that give him a great advantage on the battlefield. The first two skills have a cooldown and can constantly be triggered. The third skill is your ultimate skill which can change the tide in battle but needs to be charged up by collecting Psychic Residue.


Raven Ability icon

A psychic bird companion that can tag enemies. Enemies are highlighted by a red outline.

  • Unlocks: Level 2
  • Cooldown: 12 Seconds


Cloak Ability Icon

Activate a cloaking device and become invisible to your enemies.

Attacking will deactivate your cloak.

  • Unlocks: Level 3
  • Active: 10 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 20 Seconds


Heartstopper Ability icon

Heartstopper is Jacob’s Ultimate skill. It summons a psychic sniper rifle that auto-aims on targets when aiming down sight. You have a limit number of lethal shots.

  • Unlocks: Level 5
  • Active: 10 Seconds or 5 Shots
  • Charge: You need to charge up this skill by collecting Psychic Residue throughout Redfall.

Skill Tree

Jacob's Skill Tree in Redfall

Jacob has three skill trees that each focus on a specific action skill. Then there is a fourth tree that lets you boost things like health and inventory space. Jacob also has 4 unique perks that enhance this role. You cannot fully spec out your skill tree when you reach the level cap so choose your skills wisely.

Jacob Perks

Deeper Pockets21Jacob can carry more lockpicks and rewire kits
Melee Training31Jacob deals increased melee damage.
Sharpshooter41Jacob deals extra headshot damage against humans.
Drill Instructor51Allies in a large area around Jacob deal extra headshot damage to humans.

Raven Upgrades

Raven Tier 1 Skills

Bird’s Eye21Increases the Raven’s Scan radius.
Pervasive Memory21Increases the Raven’s scan radius while flying and enemies stay marked longer.
Early Bird21Raven recharges faster

Raven Tier 2 Skills

Marked for Death32Marked enemies take more damage from all sources.
Killer Corvus32The raven flies faster and farther and can now damage enemies it touches, chaining from one enemy to the next. The raven can also destroy vulnerable vampires.
Deadeye32When aiming down sights at an enemy, that enemy becomes marked after a short time.

Raven Tier 3 Skills

Unkindness123When the raven touches an enemy additional ravens spawn to strike nearby enemies. Raven’s scan radius and mark duration are also increased. Jacob can mark targets faster when aiming-down-sights.

Cloak Upgrades

Cloak Tier 1 Skills

Battery Efficiency31Cloak lasts longer
Camouflage Field31Cloaking grants damage resistance for it’s duration and a short time after it expires to you and nearby allies.
Vicious Strike51Attacks made when Cloaked deal additional damage.

Cloak Tier 2 Skills

Battery Recharge52Cloak regenerates faster.
Air Supercavitation52While cloaked, Jacob can pass through tripwires undetected. You and allies cloaked with Camouflage Fields move faster.
Hidden Strike52Jacob can attack without Cloak ending, but each attack shortens the Cloak duration.

Cloak Tier 3 Skills

Perfect Ghost123All enemies looking in Jacob’s direction become marked. Jacob does more damage while cloaked and can attack more often before the cloak deactivates. Cloak’s duration, recharge rate, and damage resistance are also increased.

Heartstopper Upgrades

Heartstopper Tier 1 Skills

Extended Magazine51Heartstopper lasts longer and has more ammunition.
Shock and Awe51When an enemy is killed by Heartstopper, nearby enemies are knocked over.
Transfusion51When an enemy is killed by Heartstopper, Jacob is healed for a decent amount.

Heartstopper Tier 2 Skills

Flatline62When Jacob defeats an enemy using Heartstopper, his aim is automatically snapped to another enemy.
Heart Burst62When an enemy is killed by Heartstopper, nearby enemies take damage over time for a few seconds.
Adrenaline Rush62While Heartstopper is active, Jacob deals over time.

Heartstopper Tier 3 Skills

And You’re to Blame123Heartstopper can now hit marked enemies through walls. Heartstopper’s duration and damage are increased and the amount of healing Jacob receives is also improved.

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