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Jacob Boyer

Redfall Character - Jacob Boyer


Jacob Boyer is one of the playable characters in Redfall.

Jacob entered the military as soon as he was old enough, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming part of a covert Special Forces unit, where he undertook a series of recon and combat assignments. Upon his discharge, Jacob joined up with Bellweather, a private military company that took on contracts for governments and corporations around the world. It was one such corporation that brought his unit to Redfall under mysterious orders known only to his superiors. Once on the island, the expert sniper was separated from his team and a chance encounter with REDACTED left Jacob with a new, rather unique eye and the psychic raven that now haunts his side.


Illustration Jacob
LikesCats, Guitar, Solitude
DislikesCaves, Attention, Vampires
Blood TypeA-
Voice ActorYuri Lowenthal

Jacob Active Skills

Jakob has three action skills that give him a great advantage on the battlefield


Cloak Ability Icon

Activate a cloaking device and become invisible to your enemies (for at least 10 seconds).

Shooting while remaining cloaked is an upgrade. Shots while cloaked do more damage but reduce the time you are cloaked.


Heartstopper Ability icon

Summon a psychic sniper rifle that auto-aims and locks on targets to fire lethal shots.

Extended Magazine51Heartstopper last longer and has more ammunition.


Raven Ability icon

A psychic bird companion that can tag enemies. Enemies are highlighted by a red outline.

Enemies marked by the Raven take increased damage from all sources.

Skill Tree

Jacob's Skill Tree in Redfall

Jacob has three skill trees that each focus on a specific action skill. Then there is a fourth tree with three access points that let you boost things like health and inventory space.

I see skill cooldown and skill duration skills. The deadeye skill looks to have a passive skill that provides for some healing. The Cloak might have some movement and shooting limitations as some skills seem to indicate an upgrade to those abilties.


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