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Layla Ellison

Layla Ellison


Layla Ellison is one of the playable characters in Redfall.

Layla came to Redfall to study biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University and was immediately struck by disaster… in the form of immense student debt. To alleviate some of her monetary troubles (and to hopefully get help for her recurring migraines), she volunteered for a medical trial at a local tech company, Aevum Therapeutics. Of course, nothing can just go smoothly for Layla, and a strange sequence of events during her trial granted her actual f&$%ing superpowers. But she made a little money and can create things with her mind now, so maybe it’s a win-win.

Illustrations Layla
OccupationBiomedical Engineering intern (formerly)
LikesHorror flicks, Lobster rolls, Chill Beats
DislikesAwkward Silences, Dishonesty, Vampires
Blood Type0-
Voice ActorNoveen Crumbie


Layla has three action skills that give her great mobility abilities. The first two skills have a cooldown and can constantly be triggered. The third skill is your ultimate skill which can change the tide in battle but needs to be charged up by collecting Psychic Residue.


Umbrella Ability Icon

This Telekinetic Ability will shield you and your team from incoming projectiles. The Umbrella can be launched forward damaging enemies in its path.

Press once to shield. Press again to launch. The Shield won’t protect you from melee damage.

  • Unlocks: Level 2
  • Active: 20 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 40 Seconds


Lift Ability Icon

Allows you to summon a Telekinetic Elevator to quickly launch you or your enemies into the air.

  • Unlocks: Level 3
  • Active: 7 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 25 Seconds

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability icon

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend is Layla’s Ultimate Skill. It will summon a companion that will assist you in combat.

  • Unlocks: Level 5
  • Active: 20 Seconds
  • Charge: You need to charge up this skill by collecting Psychic Residue throughout Redfall.

Skill Tree

Layla Skill Tree in Redfall

Layla has three skill trees that each focus on a specific action skill. Then there is a fourth tree that lets you boost things like health and inventory space. Layla also has 4 unique perks that enhance this role. You cannot fully spec out your skill tree when you reach the level cap so choose your skills wisely.

Layla Perks

College Diet21Layla recovers a bonus amount of health from eating food.
Telekiwhatsis31Layla takes less damage from Death Mist, Fires, and Electrical Hazards.
Telekiwhosis41Allies in an area around Layla take less damage from Death Mist, Fires, and Electrical Hazards.
Sensitive51When Layla picks up an orb of Psychic Residue, she gains a bonus amount of Psychic Residue.

Umbrella Upgrades

Umbrella Tier 1 Skills

Overcast21Umbrella recharges faster.
Bullet Hail21The Umbrella blast deals more damage based on the amount of damage the Umbrella absorbed.
Rain Collector21Damage done to the Umbrella refills Layla\s standard ammunition.

Umbrella Tier 2 Skills

Made in the Shade32Umbrella stays active for longer and can absorb more damage.
Thunderclap32The range and damage done by the blast when Umbrella ends is increased.
Downpour32Damage done to the Umbrella grants Layla Psychic Redidue.

Umbrella Tier 3 Skills

Thunderhead123Enemies hit by the Umbrella blast now trigger psychic explosions. Umbrella can absorb more damage and Umbrella blast damage is increased.

Lift Upgrades

Lift Tier 1 Skills

Hold the Lift31Lift lasts longer before vanishing.
Psychic Lobby31Summon an additional lift.
Psychic Sharpening51You and alles using your lifts gain a bullet damage boost while in mid-air.

Lift Tier 2 Skills

One More Floor52Lift launches people higher into the air.
Energized52You and allies who use your lifts reload their weapons faster while in mid-air.
Passenger Resonance52You and allies entering your lifts cause a psychic shockwave, staggering nearby enemies.

Lift Tier 3 Skills

Top Floor123Enemies who touch a lift now trigger a shockwave which bounces them into the air. Passengers Resonance has a larger radius and now deals damage, and Psychic Sharpening’s attack boost is increased. Finally, Layla can summon an additional Lift.

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Upgrades

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Tier 1 Skills

Time After Time51Jason fights for longer before leaving.
Died in Your Arms51Jason attacks more often.
Out of Nowhere51Enemies near the point Jason teleports to are staggered.

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Tier 2 Skills

No Mountain High Enough62Jason’s attack range is increased.
Wrecking Ball62Jason’s attacks deal more damage.
I Will Survive62Jason can revive Layla, if she is downed, once while this ability is active.

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Tier 3 Skills

Go Your Own Way123Jason’s attacks now heal Layla and all allies near her for a percentage of the damage inflicted. Jason’s damage, number of attacks, and attack range are all improved.

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