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Layla Ellison

Redfall Character - Layla Ellison


Layla Ellison is one of the playable characters in Redfall.

Layla came to Redfall to study biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University and was immediately struck by disaster… in the form of immense student debt. To alleviate some of her monetary troubles (and to hopefully get help for her recurring migraines), she volunteered for a medical trial at a local tech company, Aevum Therapeutics. Of course, nothing can just go smoothly for Layla, and a strange sequence of events during her trial granted her actual f&$%ing superpowers. But she made a little money and can create things with her mind now, so maybe it’s a win-win.


Illustrations Layla
OccupationBiomedical Engineering intern (formerly)
LikesHorror flicks, Lobster rolls, Chill Beats
DislikesAwkward Silences, Dishonesty, Vampires
Blood Type0-
Voice ActorNoveen Crumbie


  • Telekinetic Elevator
    • Allows you to quickly and easily access rooftops. Ideal advantage points for snipers.
  • Telekinetic Umbrella
    • Shield you and your team from incoming projectiles.

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