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Remi de la Rosa

Redfall Character - Remi de la Rosa


Remi de la Rosa is one of the playable characters in Redfall.

A brilliant engineer and robotics specialist, Remi’s fierce determination to protect the people around her led her to join the Coast Guard, where she served on the frontlines of disasters. During her time in the Coast Guard, she developed Bribón, a highly advanced robot designed to be a decoy, cover and attack drone all in one. Because of her experience as a robotics expert, she often traveled to different Coast Guard bases training them in remote-operated search-and-rescue technology, which is how she ended up in Redfall. Now she’s faced with a disaster unlike any she’s ever encountered before. Good thing she has Bribón watching her back.


Illustration Remi
OccupationCombat engineer
LikesLoyality, Family, Bribón
DislikesBullies, Surprises, Vampires
Blood TypeAB+
Voice ActorAdriana Colón

Remi’s Ability Skills

Remi has three action skills that give her a diverse set of abilities. Bribón is a constant companion with a bit of a mind of its own. It follows your clues for what it should be doing.

C4 Charge

C4 Charge Ability icon

An explosive device that can be thrown with an arc. TIK TIK BOOOM!


Siren Ability Icon

Remi has a little robot companion, Bribón, that can distract enemies. You can pinpoint a target location for Bribón to go to and create loud noises to draw enemies to it. Bribón takes on a defensive posture with its legs tucked in so it can withstand more damage.


Mobilize Ability Icon

Remi establishes a control point, healing and reviving anyone in its radius.

Remi’s Skill Tree

Coming Soon

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