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Remi de la Rosa

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Remi de la Rosa is one of the playable characters in Redfall.

A brilliant engineer and robotics specialist, Remi’s fierce determination to protect the people around her led her to join the Coast Guard, where she served on the frontlines of disasters. During her time in the Coast Guard, she developed Bribón, a highly advanced robot designed to be a decoy, cover and attack drone all in one. Because of her experience as a robotics expert, she often traveled to different Coast Guard bases training them in remote-operated search-and-rescue technology, which is how she ended up in Redfall. Now she’s faced with a disaster unlike any she’s ever encountered before. Good thing she has Bribón watching her back.

Illustration Remi
OccupationCombat engineer
LikesLoyality, Family, Bribón
DislikesBullies, Surprises, Vampires
Blood TypeAB+
Voice ActorAdriana Colón


Remi has three action skills that give her a diverse set of abilities. Bribón is a constant companion with a bit of a mind of its own. It follows your clues for what it should be doing. Bribón won’t trigger enemy engagements outside of the Siren ability.

Remi’s first two skills have a cooldown and can constantly be triggered. The third skill is your ultimate skill which can change the tide in battle but needs to be charged up by collecting Psychic Residue.


Siren Ability Icon

Remi has a little robot companion, Bribón, that can distract enemies. You can pinpoint a target location for Bribón to go to and create loud noises to draw enemies to it. Bribón takes on a defensive posture with its legs tucked in so it can withstand more damage.

  • Unlocks: Level 2
  • Aggro: 10 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 35 Seconds

C4 Charge

C4 Charge Ability icon

The C4 Charge is an explosive device that can be thrown with an arc. It sticks to any surface and needs to be triggered to set off the explosion.

C4 Charge can be shot. Tested Sticks on teleporting Vampires and Bribón. The charge lingers around for more than 5 min, I stopped the test after that.

  • Unlocks: Level 3
  • Cooldown: 20 Seconds


Mobilize Ability Icon

Mobilize is Remi’s Ultimate Skill. It establishes a control point, healing and reviving anyone in its radius.

  • Unlocks: Level 5
  • Active: 10 Seconds
  • Charge: You need to charge up this skill by collecting Psychic Residue throughout Redfall.

Remi’s Skill Tree

Remi’s skill tree has 3 branches that each focus on a specific action skill, then there is a fourth branch that lets you boost things like health and inventory space. Jacob also has 4 unique hero perks that enhance this role.

You can fully spec out your skill tree since Game Update 4 as Arkane Austin added 1 Skill Point as a reward for defeating Vampire Under-bosses during the Safe House Missions. Initially, this wasn’t possible even when you reached the level cap so you had to choose your skills wisely.

Remi Perks

Always Prepared21Remi can carry more Medical Supplies.
I Can Make That31Support Currency items are discounted for Remi.
All Up In41Remi deals extra damage against humans at close range.
Mi Familia51Human enemies take additional damage from allies at close range if those allies are also close to Remi.

Siren Upgrades

Remi’s Siren ability unlocks at level 2 in Redfall.

Siren Tier 1 Skills

Extra Annoying21Siren lasts longer
Deadly Distraction21Enemies Distracted by Siren take more damage from all sources while Siren is active.
Self-Repair21Bribón continuously heals during Siren.

Siren Tier 2 Skills

The underlying Siren skill from Tier 1 needs to be unlocked in order to obtain the Tier 2 Siren skill in that branch.

Wireless Recharge32Siren recharges faster
Electrostatic Feedback32Enemies who hit Bribón during Siren take electrical damage.
Reinforced Components32Bribón has additional health.

Siren Tier 3 Skills

Every Tier 2 Siren Skill needs to be unlocked in order to obtain the ultimate Siren skill in Tier 3.

Robot Rock123Bribón now shocks nearby enemies and regains health.

C4 Charge Upgrades

Remi’s C4 Charge ability unlocks at level 3 in Redfall.

C4 Charge Tier 1 Skills

OOMPH31C4 Charge explosion range is increased
Quick Assembly31C4 Charge recharges faster.
Gel Pack51Enemies hit by the explosion take more damage from all sources for a few seconds.

C4 Charge Tier 2 Skills

The underlying C4 Charge skill from Tier 1 needs to be unlocked in order to obtain the Tier 2 C4 Charge skill in that branch.

Directed Charge52C4 Charge explosion damage is increased.
Flashbang52C4 Charge staggers enemies caught in the blast radius.
BOOM Jump52You and allies caught in the C4 blast are launched upwards.

C4 Charge Tier 3 Skills

Every Tier 2 C4 Charge Skill needs to be unlocked in order to obtain the ultimate C4 Charge skill in Tier 3.

Cluster Bomb123C$ now launches additional explosives when it detonates. C4 damage and explosion radius are improved.

Mobilize Upgrades

Remi’s ultimate ability unlocks at level 5 in Redfall.

Mobilize Tier 1 Skills

Command Voice51Mobilize’s area of effect increases
On Your Feet51Mobilize restores more health in its initial pulse of healing.
Resonance51Mobilize now creates a second rallying point around Bribón which is half the size of the original.

Mobilize Tier 2 Skills

The underlying skill from Tier 1 needs to be unlocked in order to obtain the Tier 2 skill in that branch.

Lingering Inspiration62Mobilize lasts longer
Perseverance62You and allies healed by Mobilize’s initial pulse take less damage from all sources for a brief time.
Constant Inspiration62You and your allies standing near Bribón receive light healing over time.

Mobilize Tier 3 Skills

Every Tier 2 Skill needs to be unlocked in order to obtain the ultimate skill in Tier 3.

Beacon of Hope123Enemies in the Mobilize area now take damage over time. Mobilize radius, duration, and healing amount are improved. Perseverance’s damage reduction, Bribón’s Resonance radius and healing, and Constant Inspiration’s healing over time are all improved.

Common Skills

These are the 5 general upgrade skills that every character in Redfall can obtain. You can purchase each of these 5 skill twice.

Bandoliers21Additional storage for Handgun and Shotgun ammo.
Vampire Slayer21Additional storage for Stake Launcher, Flare Gun, and UV Beam ammo.
Long Gunner21Additional storage for Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle ammo.
Shot in the Arm21When you revive a teammate, they have even more health.
Quick Recovery21Increase the amount of health regenerated when low.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can place a C4 Charge on Bribón and position the explosive robot using the Siren skill.


  • Vampires deal more damage to Bribón when attacking from close range.
  • All damage-dealing Hero abilities will now shatter vulnerable Nest hearts.
  • Remi’s C4 no longer remains in the world after exploding.
  • Bribón is now guaranteed to shock nearby enemies while using Siren with the Robot Rock skill activated.
  • Remi will now be alerted when–and where–Bribón is downed.
  • Bribón no longer idles in place after performing the Siren ability
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Remi’s Siren as it is less effective at aggroing enemies.

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