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Redfall FAQ

Everything you need to know about Redfall

Who is developing Redfall?

Redfall is being developed by Arkane Studios. They are also the creators of the games; Dishonored and Prey.

Who is publishing Redfall?

Redfall is published by Bethesda Softworks. They are known for their Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.

Will Redfall be on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Redfall will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

What is Redfall?

Redfall is an open-world story-driven FPS. Vampires have taken over a small town and you need to survive and find a way to rescue it from its captors.

Can I play Redfall Solo or Co-Op?

You can play Redfall solo but you can also team up with 3 friends.

How big is Redfall?

The world of Redfall is the biggest map Arkane Studios has ever made. You can drop the space station from Prey into the farm fields of Redfall and that’s only a section of the game.

How many playable characters does Redfall have?

There are 4 playable heroes in Redfall. Devinder, Layla, Remi, and Jacob each have their own unique personality, abilities, and skills.

Is there loot in Redfall?

Yes, you can find new weapons and other items to equip your character with. Loot can be found in various rarity types.

Do the heroes have Skill Trees?

Yes, each character in Redfall has its own skill tree. There are active, passive, and supporting skills.

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