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Redfall Guide: All Grave Lock Locations

Redfall Gravelocks Guide

What Are Grave Locks?

Grave locks are collectibles that you can find in Redfall. There are 100 blue glowing talismans hidden throughout the game.

What do Grave Locks Unlock?

Every time you collect a hidden Gravelock, you will hear an audio log that tells a bit of the background lore of a particular character. If you collect enough Grave Locks you improve your character’s abilities like the cooldown of your ultimate ability.

TierGrave LocksBonus
Tier 15Automatically regenerate the first 10% of your Ultimate Power
Tier 220Automatically regenerate the first 15% of your Ultimate Power
Tier 350Automatically regenerate the first 20% of your Ultimate Power
Tier 4100Automatically regenerate the first 25% of your Ultimate Power

Where to find Grave Locks in Redfall?

Gravelocks are hidden throughout both maps in Redfall. I created a map showing each Gravelock location for each area. There are also descriptions of how you can obtain these collectibles.

TIP: Unlock the “The Rest of the Story” perk in the Safe House Skill Tree as this will mark Grave Locks on your radar and map whenever you are near one.

Grave Lock Location Guide: District 1 (Redfall Commons)

There are 45 grave locks that you can find on the first map of Redfall.

All 45 Grave locks Locations in District 1 of Redfall
All 45 Grave Locks Locations in District 1 of Redfall


  • Samuelson’s Shipyard: Behind the building, next to the crane.
  • Samuelson’s Shipyard: Inside the building near the containers.
  • Samuelson’s Shipyard: East of the building, inside a boat that’s against the water wall.
  • Samuelson’s Shipyard: On a Ship that’s in the parking lot at the entrance of the Shipyard.
  • Golden View Mobile: Behind a BBQ that’s next to a trailer and close to the police car.
  • Golden View Mobile: Inside the trailer that’s near the entrance of the trailer park.
  • Safehouse: Under the docks west of the safe house.
  • Safehouse: Travel southwest and follow the docks. The Gravelock is in a crate on the top shelf in one of the buildings.
  • Reverend Eva’s Apartment: In a suitcase that’s in the bedroom.
  • Dead Catch Records: In the Backroom, ground floor.
  • Stormy Point: (75 degrees) Basement, Gasstation
  • Bill’s House: North from the Supper Club Fast Travel, next to the house.
  • Supper Club: Travel 350 degrees from the Fast Travel, it’s on the edge of the rock.

Heritage Rock

  • Stormy Point: (115 degrees) On the roof of “R.S Iron & Metal Co”
  • Safehouse: On the roof of the building west of the safe house.
  • Lighthouse: At the top of the Heritage Rock lighthouse
  • Lighthouse: In the cave underneath the lighthouse
  • Lighthouse: There is a roundabout in front of the lighthouse. The Gravelock is over the edge of the cliff facing Langston’s Overlook marker.
  • Langston’s Overlook: (70 degrees) At the top of the giant rock facing the Lighthouse
  • West of Dead Catch Records is another dock. There is a boat stuck in the frozen sea. It’s behind the cabin.
  • The Tempestas: On the boat

Old Town

  • Redfall Yaught Club: Move South from Langston’s Overlook and take the first right up the stairs. It’s in the Kitchen of the Yaught Club.
  • Ferry Rendezvous: Move East from the safehouse, it’s at the end of the dock.
  • Museum: Move North from the Safehouse. It’s in a filing drawer on the lower floor of the museum.
  • Overton Theater: Roof of the Theater
  • Overton Theater: Basement of the Theater.
  • Across the Eveum Clinic: Move west from the Safehouse and climb up the rooftops.
  • Art Studio: Move East from Dr. Hunt’s house and it’s on the top floor.
  • Dr. Hunt’s House: In the garage but this can only be obtained during the 2nd Dr. Hunt Mission: “A Grave Situation”.
  • Langston’s Overlook: It’s on a boat that is next to the pier.


  • Eveum Clinic: On the roof, jump outside of the office window.
  • Eveum Clinic: In the elevator shaft in the basement (“Giving You Tomorrow” Mission).
  • Cemetery: Inside one of the crypts in the United Church of Christ Cemetery.
  • Church: On the organ that’s inside the United Church of Christ (“Amelia’s Memorial” Mission).
  • Addison Mansion: On the attic of the mansion.
  • Addison Mansion: On the first floor.
  • Blue House: Move 315 degrees from the Addison Estate Grounds. Inside the Blue House, Second Floor, Pool Table.

Shadetree Heights

  • Island Crash Site: On a picnic table near the crashed helicopter.
  • Island Crash Site Cave:
    • Access a hole underneath the Island Crash Site docks
    • Or climb up the rock in the Island cave entrance.
  • Shadetree Heights Supper Club: Under the docks heading towards the Island Crash Site
  • Shadetree Heights Supper Club: It’s on the upper balcony on the Island Crash Site
  • Knott Cottage: In the attic
  • Hillside Crash Site: Hicking up the Hillside Crash Site
  • Hillside Crash Site: Rocky passage beyond the Helicopter Crash Site that leads to Knott Cottage.

Grave Lock Location Guide: District 2 (Burial Point)

There are 55 grave locks that you can find on the Burial Point map of Redfall.

Redfall District 2 Grave Locks
Redfall District 2 Grave Locks


  • Inside the aqua-colored structure that is partially-submerged in the wave.
  • Near the yellow railing on top of the white boat.
  • In the cave with Katherine’s Room Key.
  • In the open window on the second floor of the blue house.
  • On top of the white camper.
  • Start at the entrance to Bladewell Sea Caves. Follow the cliff face to the southeast.
  • In the basement of the Ranger Station.
  • Top of the metal tower.
  • Enter the whale through the hole in its side.
  • In a metal fridge in the kitchen.
  • Climb the rock formation on the south side of Baldewell Camp. The Grave Lock is on a wooden deck.
  • On the ground below the Bladewell Camp sign.
  • Inside the cave near the ambi-theater


  • Follow the wooden walkway toward the wave. The Grave Lock is on top of a barrel on a ledge to the right.
  • On a table in the attic of the gray house.
  • In a dog bed in the bedroom on the second floor of the Keeper’s House.
  • In the back of the bloody boat at the Marina.
  • Use the ladder to get on top of the red arch. Walk forward, drop to a redwood platform on the left, and turn around to find the Grave Lock.
  • Near the steering wheel in the boat.

Founder’s Knoll

  • On a wooden platform near the top of the large statue with the lantern.
  • Inside the tunnel slightly north of the Founder’s Knoll Safehouse.
  • In Hester’s Room.
  • In the open window on the second floor of Ward’s General Store.
  • On top of the safe in Dr. Alice Young’s Office.
  • In a filing cabinet in the Pharmacy Basement, which is accessible during the What Happened to Ms. Wayland? side mission. This mission is initiated by completing the Key to Wellness main story mission in Redfall.
  • In the basement of the Smith Orchard House.
  • In a cooler on the table in the small structure.


  • On a bench in the Chickering Church’s sanctuary.
  • On a storage racks in the basement of the Redfall Police Station.
  • On a table on the second floor of the Midnight Whale.
  • In the Coffee Bar area on the second floor of the Grocery.
  • On top of crate by a window on the second floor of Cradle’s Trinkets.
  • On an elevated board behind the small structure in the center of the Chickering Substation.
  • On the ground just east of the Historical Marker.

Winslow Fields

  • On a crate beneath a scarecrow.
  • On a barrel on the first floor of the Wight Grain Elevator.
  • Enter the Old Bootleggers Tunnel and take first right to find the Grave Lock on a mattress.
  • On a couch inside the Abandoned Barn.

Ashumet Springs

  • In a pod in a bedroom on the first floor of the Kildere’s Residence.
  • At the base of the angel statue.
  • On a mattress inside a crypt in the Burial Point Cemetery.

Howl’s Neck

  • In the basement of the diner
  • On the sink in the bathroom on the second floor of Wellman Seafood.
  • On top of the bridge. Walk up the curved metal beams on its sides to access this area.
  • On a long table near the blue umbrellas. Use the awnings to climb the building’s exterior.
  • On the steeple on top of the Laundromat. Use the white truck to climb.

Haven’s Lot

  • On the stairs that lead up to the large dome at the Metrological Annex.
  • On the rocks next to fence in front of the Metrological Annex.
  • Redfall players should climb to the top of the rock formation and look off the edge to find the Grave Lock.
  • On a board near an animal skull in the covered bridge.
  • On a shelf in the detached garage at the Coast Guard Station.
  • At the top of the Burial Point Lighthouse.
  • On a shelf in the basement of the Coast Guard Station.

Near Maritime Center

  • On the shelves near the candy in the Bait Shop.
  • Looter shooter fans should climb the exterior of the Maritime Center. The Grave Lock is on the banister near the spotlights that surround the turret.

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