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Everything You Need To Know About Loot in Redfall

You are able to find a wide variety of loot in Redfall. This ranges from weapons to magical vampire relics but there are other resources to obtain in the world that Arkane Studios crafted. Here is a breakdown of all the different loot types.


You can find a variety of ranged weapons in Redfall, from regular firearms to anti-vampire weapons. Weapons are commonly not tied to a specific character except for 1 unique unrivaled weapon per hero. So generally, you can use any weapon that you like.

Weapons like Shotguns and Assault Rifles can also have a blade attachment to stake vampires.

Weapon TypeWeapon NamesUnrivaled Versions
PistolsCentipede, Moray, GrackleAmbition, Clacker, Death Spiral, Shepherd’s Crook, Painkiller
ShotgunsArroyo, Gulch, BadlandsDisproportionate Response, Grim Tide, Lockjaw, Pacific Grim, Horror Show*
Assault RiflesFirebird, Strega, Morrigan, MaenadCass Special, Grave Mistake, Perfectly Normal
SnipersEfreet, YokaiBasilisk, Lonely Thing*
Flare-GunsComet, Nova
Stake LaunchersSawfish, ButcherbirdSnipe Hunter*

* Hero Specific Legendary Weapon


Remnants are objects that the vampires were carrying when the psychic event happened and they ascended. These objects will augment your gameplay in different ways. Remnants can impact your Defense, Health, Skills, or Weapons.

Psychic Residue

Psychic Residue is used to charge up your character‘s Ultimate ability. Cultists sometimes carry it with them but it is a common drop from Vampires.

Psychic Residue is an auto-pick-up therefore you only have to walk near them in order to collect them. However, you will also stumble upon these glass jars that contain Psychic Residue. These jars need to be smashed before you can obtain their content.


Weapons and Remnants have rarity types. The higher the rarity the better the item is, however, don’t just ditch your item because you found one of a higher rarity tier. The item does need to fit your character’s play style.


You can find supplies throughout Redfall. You can upgrade the amount you can carry in your Skill Tree.

Med-KitsMed-kits are used to heal yourself. There is a short charge time before you can administer these health shots.
Lock PicksLock picks are used to unlock doors or loot chests.
Rewire-KitsRewire-Kits are used to hack security devices like; Alarms, Turrets, and safes.


Money is called; “Support” in Redfall. You can get money by collecting “Supply Items” or salvaging Weapons. You will stumble upon various items when you explore Redfall. By picking up things like, toilet paper, lightbulbs, etc. you instantly get a bit of money.

Weapons that you have found throughout the world can instantly be salvaged for money. You don’t need to pick them up and sell them somewhere.

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