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Redfall Remnants – Everything You Need To Know

What are Remnants in Redfall?

Remnants in Redfall are objects that the vampires were carrying when the psychic event happened and they ascended. They are magical talismans that you can equip on your character. These items let you augment your gameplay in different ways. For example, one could stagger enemies around you whenever you consume a medical supply.

Redfall Blood Remnant Inventory

There are 2 types of Remnants and you can equip one of each. 1 Vampire God Remnant and 1 Blood Remnant. They can impact your Defense, Health, Skills, or Weapons.

How to Unlock Remnants in Redfall?

You get access to Blood Remnants as soon as you complete the Main Mission “A Grave Situation”. You need to drop off a watch of Dr. Hunt’s father at his mother’s grave. Place the watch at the cemetery in Sedgewick and then steal it.

How to get Remnants in Redfall?

You can randomly get remnants from defeating Vampires, however, if you want the most powerful remnants, you have to enter a Vampire Nest.

Nests are shared psychic spaces where the vampires trip out. These areas don’t follow the conventual rules, that’s why you see a movie theater transition into a forest.

Nest Gateway in Redfall

You can access nests through these magical doorways. These areas are replayable and fairly procedural as various rooms are being stitched together.

Redfall Screenshot of a Vampire Nest Heart

You will find a giant heart in the center of each Nest. That is the source of your powerful psychic remnant.

Remnant Rarities

Vampire Blood Remnant

Remnants in Redfall are available in various rarity types. The higher the rarity the better the item is, however, don’t just ditch your item because you found one of a higher rarity tier. The item does need to fit your character’s play style.

Blood Remnant Buffs

The strength of these buffs depends on the rarity of the Blood Remnant. The higher the rarity, the higher the boost of the effect.

Elder Blood Remnants provide the same perks as regular Blood Remnants.

  • Increase movement speed by 10/20% when health is at critical levels
  • Increase this Blood Remnant’s Maximum Health value by 10%
  • Increase Emergency Healing health threshold by 6%
  • Heal with Medical Supplies for an additional 9%
  • Heal for 5/8% of maximum health when you kill a human.
  • Heal for 10% of maximum health when you kill a vampire.
  • Trigger Emergency Healing to 30/50% faster.
  • Improve Emergency Healing rate to 60% faster
  • Reduce Bullet Damage by 9%
  • Reduce Melee Damage by 9%
  • Reduce Death Mist damage by 15%
  • Reduce Pschic and Blood Drain Damage by 15%
  • Reduce Explosion Damage by 15/25%
  • Reduce Fire Damage by 15/25%
  • Reduce Fall Damage by 30/50%
  • Reduce the channel time of your Medical Supplies by 0.5 seconds
  • Consume a Medical Supply to regenerate an additional 20/30% health over 8 seconds.
  • Consume a Medical Supply to increase movement speed by 45/75% for 5 seconds
  • Consume a Medical Supply to stagger enemies within 8/15 meters.
  • Consume a Medical Supply to generate 20% of your maximum Psychic Residue.
  • Consume a Medical Supply to reduce all combat damage by 10% for 8 seconds.

Vampire God Remnants

Defeating the Vampire Gods provides you with Vampire God Remnants. These are powerful remnants that provide you with a unique gameplay ability that augments your gameplay.

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