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Redfall: Vampire Nests Guide

Redfall Nests

What are Nests in Redfall?

Nests are mysterious places that are scattered throughout Redfall. These can be accessed through an ominous door that acts as a gateway between the real world and a realm where the vampires shared a psychic connection.

Nests don’t follow the conventual architectural rules you would traditionally expect and are present in the town of Redfall. However, in Nests, a classic movie theater can transition into a haunted forest. The location where you normally expect the projection screen to be in any cinema is suddenly a path to the unknown.

Nests are replayable areas that are fairly procedural generated. Various room combinations are being stitched together and thereby creating a new environment. This keeps you on your toes as you don’t exactly know what to expect each time you enter a Nest. While the layout of the Nests is pretty set in stone the variety comes from the modifiers and the enemies you thereby encounter during your run.

Redfall Screenshot of a Vampire Nest Heart

How to Find a Nest?

Nests are unlocked through the story progression as soon as you start the main mission; “A Voice in the Dark”. The doors to these Psychic Realms will appear on the map, however, they are tricky to find if you just walk up to the outlined area.

You can pinpoint the exact location of a Nest entrance door by selecting the icon on the map in your menu. You don’t want to linger around in these areas as vampires that are inside these blue-marked areas are much tougher than outside the area.

How to Destroy a Nest?

There is one thing you can expect to find in a Nest and that’s a giant beating heart. Your goal is to track down the location of the heart and claim its content because they contain powerful remnants that you can use.

In order to destroy the heart you first need to sever all the strings that are attached to it at their origin points. You can “untether” them by interacting with these Nest Victims.

When all the strings are removed you can eliminate the heart and claim its loot for yourself. However, once you collected it the psychedelic realm will fall apart and you have little time to escape.

The exit is hidden behind one of the red barriers in this final area. You can only destroy these barriers once the countdown starts but beware the exit is randomized. There is a sense of urgency to escape the collapsing Nest but also collect the loot that you find behind these barriers.

If you don’t manage to leave the area in time you will keep all the loot that you collected, however, you will lose out on a major XP reward.

Reward Screen after successfully destroying a Nest in Redfall
Nest Reward Screen

Nests aren’t the only Psychic Spaces the vampires have. Small pockets can be found throughout Redfall, so beware as these locations are swarming with vampires.

Nest Modifiers

Nests have random modifiers that mix up the challenge in that Psychic Space.

Elite ModifierMore Elite enemies will spawn during this run.
Blood TranceVampires are asleep but will be awoken if attacked or if you touch their tendrils that connect them to the nest.
DarknessThe Nest is in a state of darkness, your view is limited.
WatchersBeware, special “Watcher” Vampires are lurking throughout the Nest and they can spot you from a great distance.
Heart GuardiansMultiple regular vampires and One special vampire are guarding the Heart.
TIP: Destroying the heart will remove all vampires.
FireSome pathways are set on fire during this run limiting your movement.
MistAreas in the Nest are covered by the Red “Death” Mist.

Nest Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t forget about your ultimate ability as they are lifesavers when you get overwhelmed by Vampires.
  • Destroying the heart will eliminate all the vampires in the Nest. So if you find yourself overwhelmed by vampires you choose to remove that last string and clear the room this way.
  • Check if you have enough free space in your backpack before collecting the Remnant from the Nest Heart. Because you cannot pause the game, you need to snatch & run during the final moments as the Psychic Realm collapses.
  • When you collected the loot from the Heart the Red Barriers can be destroyed. Therefore, it’s wise to know their locations ahead of time. You can quickly shoot each barrier from a distance to open up all the pathways because an EXIT icon will appear if the correct barrier is destroyed.

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