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Nest Gateway in Redfall

Nests are mysterious places that are scattered throughout Redfall. These can be accessed through an ominous door that acts as a gateway between the real world and a realm where the vampires shared a psychic connection.

Nests don’t follow the conventual architectural rules you would traditionally expect and are present in the town of Redfall. However, in Nests, a classic movie theater can transition into a haunted forest. The location where you normally expect the projection screen to be in any cinema is suddenly a path to the unknown.

Nests are replayable areas that are fairly procedural generated. Various room combinations are being stitched together and thereby creating a new environment. This keeps you on your toes as you don’t exactly know what to expect each time you enter a Nest.

Redfall Screenshot of a Vampire Nest Heart

There is one thing you can expect to find in a Nest and that’s a giant beating heart. Your goal is to track down the location of the heart and claim its content because they contain powerful remnants that you can use.

In order to destroy the heart you need to locate the sources it feeds on. By removing the strings, you will alert the vampires that will come and hunt you down.

When all the strings are removed you can eliminate the heart but when you do this the psychedelic realm will fall apart and you need to escape before collapses.

Nests aren’t the only Psychic Spaces the vampires have. Small pockets can be found throughout Redfall, so beware as these locations are swarming with vampires.

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