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Safe House Missions

Safe House missions are scattered throughout Redfall. These objectives let you reclaim a neighborhood of the town. Rescuing survivors and claiming these Safe Houses will impact “enemy control” and how you will go about your way through the game.

Safe places let you chat with survivors, get missions, and resupply your character.

Liberating a safe house requires you to confront the Vampire controlling the neighborhood. Defeating these neighborhood Vampires will earn you their skull that grants you access to a Vampire God’s lair.

Safe House Locations

The Town of Redfall is divided into two districts. Each one has its own key locations that you can reclaim.

  • District 1
    • Coast Guard Station
    • Maritime Center
      • Maritime Museum
    • Night Whale Brewery
    • Haven Lighthouse
    • Burial Point Cemetery
    • Smith Family Orchard
    • Last Chance Giftshop
    • Amphitheater
  • District 2
    • Sedgewick Curch
    • Redfall Hospital
    • Custom House Museum
    • Heritage Rock Lighthouse
    • Redfall Fire House

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