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The Vampires of Redfall Dissected

The town of Redfall is under siege by a legion of vampires. These aren’t your typical bloodsuckers, while they have fangs, drink blood, and hate sunlight. Their transformation isn’t like a virus that can be cured. The people that got turned were already a vampire within.

The vampires were created after a scientific experiment went horribly wrong. Initially, they were a group of highly intelligent biotech entrepreneurs from Aevum Laboratories. During their research in life extension, things took a turn as they deliberately turned themselves into blood-sucking monsters. That way they can live forever at the expense of everyone else. Since then the vampires started to evolve and develop powerful abilities

Vampires can be encountered throughout the game. However, there are small pockets were their presence is more concentrated. There they have created their own Psychic Spaces where they are in control. These aren’t the only Psychic Spaces as the vampires also establish a Psychic connection with each other through Nests. These mysterious realms don’t follow conventional rules.

Vampire Hierarchy

You can encounter a variety of Vampires in Redfall but they all fall into this hierarchy.

1. Vampire Gods

Vampire God "Bloody Tom" in Redfall

Vampire Gods are the highest-ranking and most powerful in the hierarchy. They are the ones that are responsible for everything that happened in Redfall. The Vampire God called “the Black Sun” created the local Eclipse.

Vampire Gods are the ones that changed the most due to the experiment. They act as the big boss encounters in each chapter of the story-driven FPS.

Taking down vampires angers the Vampire Gods. Red lightning storms will form gradually over time. This signals the arrival of powerful Vampire Gods called Rooks. If you take more actions that anger the Vampire Gods, you’ll see him more than once.

Main Vampire Gods

  • Hollowman
  • Bloody Tom
  • Miss Wisper
  • The Black Sun

2. Vampire Mini-Bosses

Just below the Vampire Gods are the Neighborhood Vampires. They control parts of the town of Redfall. You encounter these powerful elite vampires at the end of the Safe House Missions.

One of the Neighborhood Vampires is called “Siphon” and you can see them during the Deep Dive Presentation.

Defeating neighborhood Vampires grants you access to a Vampire God’s lair.

3. Specialized Vampires

Redfall Screenshot of Angler Showdown
AnglerThese Vampires can pull you in with their leash.
BloodbagsThese are cultists that are half-transformed vampires that serve as cows to feed on. They explode on death spilling a lot of blood all over the place.
ShroudsThey confine you by blanketing the area in darkness. They can throw projectiles at you and vanish through the ground.
WatchersWatchers perch at high vantage points and use their piercing vision to scan the area for any intruders.

How to defeat Vampires in Redfall

Killing a Vampire with a stake

Vampires need to be killed by destroying their hearts. You can do this by equipping your hero with anti-vampire weapons like stakes and UV lights. Vampires can also be irradicated by incendiary projectiles.

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