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Space Punks Characters

Space Punks Playable Characters

Playable Characters

Space Punks has 4 playable characters, Duke, Eris, Finn, and bob. Each of these characters has its own play style and abilities that you can level up. Choose your Pathfinder!

Character Abilities

Each character in Space Punks has its own unique special abilities that define their play style. Your character will gain 4 special abilities, there are 2 that you can level up, 1 is dependent on your melee weapon, and the final one is very powerful but has to be charged up.

  • Primary Skill

    • Your Primary Skill will be the 1st ability that you will unlock. This skill will have a short cooldown. You will be able to upgrade this skill 2 times.
  • Secondary Skill

    • Your Secondary Skill will be the 2nd ability that you unlock. This skill will have a short cooldown. You will be able to upgrade this skill 2 times.
  • Heavy Attack

    • Your Heavy Attack will be the 3rd ability that you unlock. This skill will have a shorr cooldown. This attack change depending on the melee weapon you have equiped.
  • Team Aura

    • Your Team Auro will be the 4th ability that you unlock. You will need to charge this skill in order to use it. You can charge it up by dealing damage to enemies. This skill will provide a buff to you and the rest of your team.

Check out the induvidual character pages for their specific abilities. There are some cool things you can do especially when you team up with someone your character has synergy with.


Level up your hero

By playing through the game you will gain experience points. You do this by defeating enemies and bosses but also for completing missions. As you gain experience you can level up your hero and unlock the character’s special abilities as mentioned above.

Talent Tree

Each time you level up your character you will get 1 skill point. You can use this in the character’s talent tree. In this skill tree, you can go down 3 main paths that will also branch off into various specific play styles.

  • Soldier’s Path

    • This is your offensive skill tree that focuses on improving your damage output. This path will branch off in Ranged and Melee specific branches.
  • Scavenger’s Path

    • This is your loot skill tree that focuses on Movement Speed, Loot, and Skills. This path will branch off in movemen and loot/skill specific branches.
  • Survivor’s Path

    • This is your defensive skill tree that focuses improving your Health, Shield, and Damage Reduction. This path will brach off in Health and Shield specific branches.

Here you can find more detailed information about Space Punks’ Talent Tree.


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