About Bob “The Smart One”

Believing that the galaxy is a pit of scum and villainy doesn’t make Bob a pessimist, he’d argue. It makes him a realist. Look – when you’re in the region of 200 years old, you’re allowed to be cranky too! What would cheer him up, however, is a chance to visit Earth and soak up some of its delicious pop culture (although he’d deny any interest in Earth’s “so-called civilization” if asked, of course). As a former Spin Fed demolitions specialist, Bob’s a supreme tech tinkerer, and nothing makes him happier than an evening in the workshop with his toys listening to late 20th-century pop.


Combat Role: Mid-range, crowd control

Health: 60%
Shield: 25%
Speed: 60%

Bob’s Skills

Old Pal T3

A portable turret-mounted minigun is a hero’s best friend.

  • Unlock: Hero level 1
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Synergy:
    • Finn – Adds a shield and defensive mechanism to your turret providing it with more health and a missile barrage when attacked.
    • Eris – Adds nanobots to the turret, allowing it to periodically stun enemies.
  • Upgrade 1: Hero level 20
    • ….
  • Upgrade 2: Hero level 35
Bob Skill - Old Pal T3

Landmine Sower Z-23

Sprinkle some mines around. Make your enemies tiptoe.

  • Unlock: Hero level 4
  • Uses: 3x per cooldown
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Synergy: Duke
  • Upgrade 1: Hero level 27
  • Upgrade 2: Hero level 43
Bob Skill - Landmine Sower Z-23

Heavy Hit

Heavy weapon strikes have unfortunate side effects for enemy targets.

  • Unlock: Hero level 7
  • Effect: Weapon strike depends on the melee weapon.
  • Cooldown:
Heavy Hit

Bob’s Battle Bee-41

Launch an armed drone to give you and your team some air support.

  • Unlock: Hero level 13
  • Cooldown: Need to be charged by dealing damage.
Bob Skill - Bob's Battle Bee-41

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