About Duke “The Handsome One”

School’s not for everyone. Duke never enjoyed hitting the books – especially with a whole galaxy of riches out there laying in wait. So as soon as he got the chance to enroll in Spinward Federation Pilot School, this cocky rich kid did just that. And he may have made a success of it had he not been booted out for refusing to kill innocent civilians. Duke might give it the ‘big man’ on the streets, but deep down, if there’s one thing he wants more than to be rich and famous, it’s to be liked. And perhaps even loved. Gruff on the outside but soft on the inside, he always has his fam’s back.


Combat Role: All-rounder, mid-to-close range

Health: 40%
Shield: 60%
Speed: 60%

Duke’s Skills


Launch a grenade. When it gets to the right spot, detonate it by pressing the skill button again.

  • Unlock: Hero level 1
  • Cooldown: 13 seconds
  • Syngergy:
    • Finn – Duke’s grenade is now accompanied by a drone that shoots projectiles at the enemies in its path.
    • Bob – Duke’s grenade is followed up by an airstrike.
  • Upgrade 1: Hero level 20
    • These grenades packa one-two punch. First, they pull nearby enemies in close. Second, they blow said enemies to tiny bits.
  • Upgrade 2: Hero level 35
    • Newly developed grenades split into three parts at detonation…and then detonate again!

Dukeness Overload

Set a decoy (Duke-coy? Duke-coy!) to divert your enemies’ attention… and their aggro.

  • Unlock: Hero level 4
  • Cooldown: 13 seconds
  • Upgrade 1: Hero level 27
    • These new Duke-coys deal damage to enemies that are foolish enough to attack them.
  • Upgrade 2: Hero level 43
    • These new Duke-coys, explode when they’re destroyed. A lovely parting gift!
Duke Skill - Duke Overload

Heavy Hit

Heavy weapon strikes have unfortunate side effects for enemy targets.

  • Unlock: Hero level 7
  • Effect: Weapon strike depends on the melee weapon.
  • Cooldown:
Duke Skill - Heavy Hit

Thunder Charge

You got charisma, kid. You make everyone on your team more dangerous.

  • Unlock: Hero level 13
  • Cooldown: Need to be charged by dealing damage.
Duke Skill - Thunder Charge

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