About Eris “The Scary One”

You’ve gone and caught a nanovirus. Bummer. So what do you do? Most people would find themselves a doctor, make a warm drink and take themselves to bed. Eris, however, decided to transform herself into a cyborg and harness the power of the nanobots for her own ends. As you do. And the decision has helped her assert herself as one of the galaxy’s leading spies and saboteurs. Those who don’t know her sometimes get the impression Eris thinks she’s better than everyone else. And while that’s not entirely untrue, her friends see her cutting humour for what is really is – affection.


Combat Role: Infiltrator, close range

Health: 60%
Shield: 25%
Speed: 60%


Eris Skill - Impaling


Keep your enemies in one place by impaling them on nanospikes.

  • Unlock: Hero level 1
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Synergy:
    • Duke – Adds a holo-duke to stunned enemies, making them a target for other enemies.
    • Bob – Adds a minefield in the target area that will impale enemies when triggered.
  • Upgrade 1: Hero level 20
    • ….
  • Upgrade 2: Hero level 35
Eris Skill - Spine Blades

Spine Blades

Lash multiple enemies with your spines. You can maybe choose one for, ahem, special attention.

  • Unlock: Hero level 4
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Synergy: Duke
  • Upgrade 1: Hero level 27
  • Upgrade 2: Hero level 43
Heavy Hit

Heavy Hit

Heavy weapon strikes have unfortunate side effects for enemy targets.

  • Unlock: Hero level 7
  • Effect: Weapon strike depends on the melee weapon.
  • Cooldown:
Eris Skill - Nanobot Frenzy

Nanobot Frenzy

Your nanobots are hungry. Send them to feed on your enemies.

  • Unlock: Hero level 13
  • Cooldown: Need to be charged by dealing damage.

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