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Space Punks Ranged Weapons

Space Punks Ranged Weapons Overview

Ranged Combat

Attack your enemies from a distance with these crazy ranged weapons in Space Punks. Every ranged weapon has its own pros & cons, ranging from fast but weak attacks or slow and powerful attacks. No matter your playstyle you will have a blast as there is a gun in every flavor.

Ranged Weapon List

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Bullet Spewer

Bullet Spewer

This is your shotgun in Space Punks. While its range is limited it makes up for it with its spread making it a good weapon for targeting groups of enemies. With an average reload speed you can shoot this gun as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Dgun


The Dgun shoots an energy orb that quickly loses its velocity. While the projectile doesn’t travel far it does have a big area-of-effect range, dealing good damage to nearby targets. The angle of each shot should be carefully planned. The Dgun has a Magazine size of 1 ammo and the reload is pretty slow.

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Emberspirit


The Emberspirit is your flamethrower. While its range is pretty significant it slowly burns your enemies to ashes.

The Emberspirit has a big magazine size. You can shoot for a long time.

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Invader


The Invader is a slow-firing plasma rifle. The cool thing is that your projectiles will split into a spreading wave of multiple mini-projectiles upon impact.

Focus fire on the enemy that leads the charge and the Invader’s special ability will damage the enemies behind it.

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Minigun


The Minigun does exactly what you expect from it. This weapon does have a little spin-up time but once you got it going it’s able to spit out a lot of bullets.

The Mini-gun doesn’t have a fast reload speed but since it can fire for a very long time that doesn’t seem to matter as much.

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Oldboy


The Oldboy is a sci-fi version of your Wild West-like revolver. While its fire rate is a bit on the slower side, the Oldboy does pack a punch and manages to deal a good amount of damage.

Great weapon for gunslingers

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Pointer


The Pointer is a sci-fi sniper. It has a slow fire rate but its energy beams burn through enemies dealing great damage.

The fire rate and reload speed aren’t super but if you manage to line up your shot you can do a lot of damage.

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Raffler


The Raffler is your standard Assault Rifle. It has a pretty good fire rate a minimal spread.

There is a reason why this is your starter weapon as it is a very all-around gun.

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - Twins


The Twins are kinda your dual-wielding uzis. They are rapid-fire weapons and provide double the fun.

You could compare them to two mini Rafflers as they have about the same spread.

Space Punks Ranged Weapon - TZT!Thing


The TZT!Thing is your personal tesla coil. It’s very underwhelming as you fire it and there aren’t any enemies nearby, however, once there are enemies within its range, this is where the fun starts. A chain of lightning will electrocute your opponents. Very useful for groups of enemies.


  • Having the Penertating Mod on your Bullet Spewer makes clearing mobs a breeze.
  • Having the Ricochet Mod on your Minigun is a great way to give your bullets a second chance/target.

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