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Space Punks Talent Items

Space Punks Talent items Overview

How to use Talent Items in Space Punks

While playing Space Punks you can obtain Talent Items. You can use these in the empty slots on your Talent Tree.

Talent Items have a specific Talent Path assigned to them. Therefore, Soldier Talent Items can only be slotted into the Soldier’s Path Empty Talent Slots. This is indicated by an icon on the Talent Item. You can check the assigned destination in your Vault under the Materials tab.

Talent Items Overview

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Soldier’s Path Talent Items

The Bloodletter

With the Bloodletter, you’re guaranteed to stab ’em or smash ’em until the fluids come out. It increases Critical Chance and Critical Damage for all melee weapons.

  • Increased Melee Critical Chance
  • Increased Melee Critical Damage
Space Punks Talent Item - Bloodletter

Range Finder

Your Spread gets a big boost from the Range Finder. Try it. You’ll like it.

  • Increased Spread
Space Punks Talent Item - Range finder

Weak Spot Spotter™

Zero in on just the right spot with the Weak Spot Spotter! It increased both Ranged Critical Chance and Ranged Critical Damage.

  • Increased Ranged Critical Chance
  • Increased Ranged Critical Multiplier
Space Punks Talent Item - Weak Spot Spotter

Scavenger’s Path Talent Items

ACME Fortunator

You have an eye for finer things and you’re not afraid to use it.

  • Increased High Rarity Item Drop Bonus
Space Punks Talent Item - Money Grubber

Money Grubber

Everywhere you look, there’s more money, more parts, more loot.

  • Increased Mission Resource Loot Bonus
Space Punks Talent Item - Money Grubber

Survivor’s Path Talent Items

Auxiliary Bio-Response

This little doodad not only powers up your Health, it helps your body shrug off those aches and pains, increasing Damage Reduction.

  • Increased Max Health
  • Decreased Damage Reduction
Space Punks Talent Item - Auxiliary Bio-Response


More shields, but less health. Trust your shield. You’re squishy on the inside

  • Increased Max Shield
  • Decreased Max Health
Space Punks Talent Item - Tower of Power

Tower of Power

Now here’s a special item. Slot it in and improve your Shield’s Capacity, Regeneration, and Cooldown.

  • Increased Max Shield
  • Increased Shield Regeneration
  • Increased Shield Regeneration Cooldown
Space Punks Talent Item - Tower of Power

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