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Space Punks Trinkets

Space Punks Trinkets Overview

Key(chain) To Success

What’s an outlaw without their lucky charm? Trinkets offer your character stat boosts not otherwise found in armor or shields. There are various trinkets that you can obtain during your missions. They all have different stats that they will boost, so choose wisely Pathfinder.

Trinkets come in different rarity tiers, the higher the tier the bigger the buff. Legendary trinkets even have multiple unique buffs.

  • Common: 5%
  • Rare: 10%
  • Epic: 15%
  • Legendary: 20%

Trinket List

Buckler Pin

  • Stamina Regen
  • Max Shield
  • Max Health
  • Shield Regen Delay
  • Common Damage Reduction
  • Loot Heal

Space Punks Trinket - Buckler Pin

Eye Ring

  • Ranged Damage
  • Elite Ranged Damage
  • Common Ranged Damage
  • Reload Speed
Space Punks Trinket - Eye Ring

Tourist Pendrive

  • Ranged Critical Chance
  • Common Ranged Critical Chance
  • Melee Critical Chance
  • Critical Multiplier

Lucky Pendant

  • Sprint Speed
  • Movement Speed
Space Punks Trinket - Lucky Pendant

Boxer Trinket

  • Melee Damage
  • Elite Melee Damage
  • Boss Melee Damage
  • Heavy Cooldown Reduction
Space Punks Trinket - Boxer Trinket

Bookworm Badge

  • Elite Skill Damage
  • Primary Skill Cooldown Reduction
  • Team Aura Cooldown Reduciton
  • Beta Booster Bonus
  • Gamma Booster
  • [LEGENDARY] Boss Skill Damage
  • [LEGENDARY] Legendary Elite Damage
Space Punks Trinket - Bookworm Badge

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