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Hi, I’m Peter Groot aka MentalMars and I’m passionate about creating a HUB that is a resource to the community and also supports it.

I’m building a place where you can get the gaming content you care about. Content that’s up-to-date, written by someone that is passionate about the game, and on point without all the fluff because there are a lot of sites that write about the same games I do but they add a ton of crap that wastes your time.

Do you want to boost my passion and push the site to the next level?

Join the awesome supporters on my Patreon and see how you can contribute and enhance your experience.

How To Help Boost MentalMars

You are already doing a great job checking this out. Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you like what I do.

Here are a few simple things that you can do to help out that will level up the site.

1 – Spread the word

  • Recommend the site to your friends or other social groups.
  • Share articles by using those shiny social media share buttons.
  • Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube, and Like or Share my posts. But you can definitely shoot me a line.

2 – Whitelist on your Ad-Blocker

  • Yes, I also don’t like ads but Ad-blockers don’t just break elements on the site they also have a big impact on the site’s ads revenue which makes this project sustainable. Around 85% of the visitors on this site use an ad-blocker. Because I’m investing this money back into the site, people with ad-blockers prevent the growth of the site.

3 – Get Merchandise

  • This is a great way of supporting the things that I do. I like this one because you are not just helping out but you also get a cool item yourself. I design my own merchandise you can check it out at my TeeSpring store.
  • Another way to get something and support the channel is by shopping through my Amazon link. I got a page set up that contains merchandise of all the games I cover on the site. Amazon gives a small commission if you purchase ANY product, not just the ones I listed,  within 24 hours.

4 – Buy Games

  • Buy the games you already want and support me along the way. Get your games through:

5 – Become a Member

6 – Donate

  • If you really appreciate the things that I do and would like to level up the project by donating. Then you can do that by sending your love through these options:

Hall of Fame

I want to thank the following people for being BADASS!

  • BlackPurple9571 (Patreon)
  • Dunklunk (Patreon)
  • Christopher Gregg (Patreon)
  • JWILLA66 (Patreon)
  • Ben Longman (Patreon)
  • JWILLA66 (Patreon)
  • The Scribbler (Patreon)
  • Steve Andrews (Patreon)
  • Kurt Nance (Patreon)
  • Wain Swapp (Patreon)
  • Heather Self (Patreon)
  • Jason VanSickle (Patreon)
  • RoboZook (€50,-)
  • Kevin M (€30,-)
  • Janneke (€25,-)
  • DeadOrb1t (€10,-)
  • Marc (€10,-)
  • Karen W (€10,-)
  • Tomoki Eto (€5,-)


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