How you can help me

Hey, MentalMars here! Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you like what I do. Here are a few simple things that you can do to help out me. Everything that you do will be beneficial to me and therefore be beneficial for you. Because the efforts that you put in will level up me and the site as we accumulate more XP points.

  1. Spread the word

    • Recommend the site to your friends or other social groups.
    • Share articles that you like or that are beneficial to your social media profiles (Don’t upload my content to other sites).
    • Like, Retweet, or add my social media posts to your favorites.
    • Leave a comment on the articles or social media posts.
  2. Disable Ad-Blocker

    • While revenue websites estimate a pretty “big” income for this site, it’s actually far from the truth. Around 85% of the visitors on use an ad-blocker. This kills almost all the income that it can generate. I would like to invest that money back into the site and the content.
    • Just like you, I don’t like ads that pop-up or take over your screen. But every ad does provide a small revenue stream per impression. I’m not going to be adding 10 ads per page because I want a good user experience.
  3. Merchandise

    • I design my own merchandise and when you purchase a t-shirt for example then you got yourself some sweet merch. And on the other side you will also be supporting the channel as I can invest that small profit back into the site. Check out my TeeSpring store.
    • You can also find some sweet gaming merchandise up on the site. I added these because I noticed that not everyone is aware of these products. Because these products contain an affiliate link I get a small commission if you purchase this product. Amazon also gives a small commission if you purchase any product within 24 hours.
  4. Buy Games

    • You can shop at my Nexus Game Store. You get the game that you want and support a fellow BRO along the way.
  5. Donate

    • If you appreciate the things that I do and would like to donate. Then you can do that by sending your love to my PayPal account. If you are such a badass I’ll add you to my HALL OF FAME!
    • Or buy me a Coffee through KO-FI or sign up for my Patreon.
    • Currently, I don’t have the feature to sponsor my youtube channel.

Why you should help me out

Thank you for investing your time in me. If you follow me on social media you might know this, but my actual “day job” is currently baking bread here in Holland. All of the content you see here up on the site is created in my spare time. I really love making content for you here on the site or on my youtube channel. Unfortunately, like many people I have to prioritize my time and expenses. While everything might look awesome/professionally I actually don’t get paid for doing any of this by anyone. However, I do have expenses keeping this website up and running. I also would like to invest in myself and in the site to improve the content I’m going to deliver.

What are my goals

  • The ultimate goal is to grow this platform into my full-time job. However, it should first be able to generate an income that can sustain my family so I can take care of my wife and son. You can already see what I can deliver in my spare time. Imagine how things would look if I was able to do this full-time.
  • I want to create awesome and helpful content for you!
  • I want to be an established content creator that’s an authority in his niche.
  • I want to help fellow content creators by guiding them so they can reach their goals.

Where do I need funds for

All earnings will contribute towards the bigger goal. Currently, all the revenue goes back into the site and personal growth so I can better serve you.

  • Domain cost.
  • Web hosting.
  • Premium plugins.
  • Software (upgrades).
  • Graphic, Webdesign, Marketing, and Social Media courses.


I would like to thank the following people for being BADASS!

  • Steve A (€50,-)
  • RoboZook (€50,-)
  • Kevin M (€30,-)
  • Janneke (€25,-)
  • DeadOrb1t (€10,-)
  • Marc (€10,-)
  • Karen W (€10,-)
  • Tomoki Eto (€5,-)


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