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Campaign Challenges

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Challenges

Throughout Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Campaign, you can do various challenges and by completing them you will receive a permanent stat buff. You can earn powerful buffs to your Hero Stats such as; Loot Luck, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution, Wisdom, and Attunement.

All Campaign Challenges

Lucky Dice

There are Lucky Dice hidden around the Wonderlands. Collect them to increase your maximum Loot Luck.

  • Find 260 Lucky Dice
  • +20% Loot Luck

Lost Marbles

Find all of the Lost Marbles to receive a permanent Strength buff.

  • Find 24 Lost Marbles.
  • +10% Strength / Critical Hit Damage

Rune Switches

Complete all of the Rune Switch puzzles to receive a permanent Dexterity buff.

  • Complete 12 Rune Switch puzzles
  • +10% Dexterity / Critical Hit Chance

Poetry Pages

Find all of the Poetry Pages to receive a permanent Intelligence buff.

  • Find 25 Poetry Pages.
  • +10% Intelligence / Spell Cooldown

Ancient Obelisks

Defeat all of the Ancient Obelisk enemies to receive a permanent Constitution buff.

  • Complete 11 Ancient Obelisks
  • +10% Constitution / Maximum Health/Ward

Bottlecap Shortcuts

Unlock all of the Bottlecap Shortcuts in the Overworld to receive a permanent Attunement buff.

  • Unlock 8 Bottlecap Shortcuts
  • +10% Attunement / Action Skill Cooldown Rate

Shrine Completion

Complete and use all of the Shrines in the Overworld to receive a permanent Wisdom buff.

  • Complete and use all 6 Shrines
  • +10% Wisdom / Status Effect Damage
  • Full Guide

Shrine Challenges

Find all of the pieces of the broken shrine and then active the shrine to receive a buff. You can receive buffs for these stats; Gold Gain, Experience Gain, Overworld Movement Speed, Crit Damage, Loot Luck, Moon Orb Gain.

Shrine of Mool ah

Shrine of Grindanna

Shrine of Zoomios

Shrine of Throatus Punchus

Shrine of Aaron G

Shrine of the Crazed Earl

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