Blightcaller class - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

The Blightcaller is one of the character classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

This shamanic Elementalist channels spirits and summons storms to wear down foes with poison and elemental damage. Access to the Blightcaller class is granted via Shattering Spectreglass, the fourth chapter of post-launch content included in the Season Pass and Chaotic Great Edition. We’ll be revealing more about the Blightcaller’s abilities closer to the launch of Shattering Spectreglass, so stay tuned.

Class Information

The Blightcaller is a shamanic Elementalist who channels spirits and summons storms to wear down foes with poison and elemental damage.

Class Feat

Every class has its own unique Class Feat. You will get access to both Class Feats when multiclassing.

The Blightcaller’s Class Feat is called Whisper of Rot.

Whenever you apply a Status Effect to an enemy, you’ll gain a stack of increased elemental damage for a duration. By racking up Status Effects on groups of enemies or resilient bosses, you can boost your weapons’ elemental damage output to dole out absolute devastation.

Action Skills

The Blightcaller has 2 action skills called ‘Plaguestorm’ and ‘Bog Totem’. These abilities are unique to this class you can pick them up when you select your primary class at the start of the game or later in the game when you gain the ability to multi-class and choose a secondary class.


Plaguestorm creates a maelstrom of noxious fumes that continuously deal area-of-effect Poison damage for a set duration. Any enemies foolish enough to remain in the gas cloud will get singed by elemental bolts that scale with the amount of non-ability damage you deal.

Bog Totem

Bog Totem is a stationary turret that you will summon from the ground. This root will send out spirits that explode on impact and deal elemental damage based on your currently equipped gun. Killing an enemy will extend the Bog Totem’s duration.

Class Powers

These are the Blightcaller stats that get boosted by Class Power.

  • Whisper of Rot Elemental Damage
  • Plaguestorm Damage
  • Bog Totem Damage
  • Geist in the Shell Damage

Skill Tree

The Blightcaller’s Skill Tree lets you specialize in poison and elemental damage, while also channeling spirits and summoning storms.

  • Flawless Edge gives you increased damage proportional to how full your Ward is. This pairs perfectly with the Wraithmail Kill Skill that restores a portion of your Ward each time you eliminate an enemy.
  • Amped Up furthers the Blightcaller’s Ward-based strengths, giving you a stackable buff to your movement speed and Ward regeneration whenever you apply a Lightning Status Effect. The Blightcaller skill tree has specific passives for every elemental damage type, so you can diversify if you don’t want to focus solely on Poison.
  • Spirit Swarm has the chance to summon a Companion cloud of angered apparitions any time you apply a Status Effect; you can let it run rampant or ping enemies to sic the Spirit Swarm on specific targets. If you opt for a Multiclass build using another Companion class (Clawbringer, Graveborn, or Spore Warden) plus a Blightcaller using Bog Totem and Spirit Swarm, you can have a whopping three Companions aiding you at the same time!

Best Background

The Best backgrounds for the Blightcaller are; Failed Monk, Recovering Inventory Hoarder, Rogue Alchemist, Nerfed by the Bunkermaster, Apprentice Barnacle Scraper, or Street Urchin Success Story. This is based on the game’s Hero Points suggestions. However, for End Game builds you can’t go wrong with Village Idiot or Nerfed by the Bunkermaster.

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