The Stabbomancer is one of the character classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Stabbomancers are sneaky, critical-hit-focused assassins who summon magic whirling blades to the battlefield and disappear into the shadows at will. They are all about creating and capitalizing on opportunities. The skillful Stabbomancer exploits foes’ weaknesses to stealthily strike vital targets to bring enemies down before they know what hit them.

Class information

The Stabbomancer specializes in Critical Hits and Status Effects. They’re able to keep enemies guessing by alternating between Guns, Melee Weapons, and Spells, all the while moving in and out of stealth to score guaranteed Critical Hits. Though fragile, the Stabbomancer can use their superior speed to evade damage and fire their guns while sprinting.

Class Feat

Every class has its own unique Class Feat. You will get access to both Class Feats when multiclassing.

Increased Critical Hit Damage

Action Skills

The Stabbomancer has 2 action skills called ‘Ghost Blade’ and ‘From the Shadows’. These abilities are unique to this class you can pick them up when you select your primary class at the start of the game or later in the game when you gain the ability to multi-class and choose a secondary class.

Ghost Blade

This magic spell will spawn a giant dual-blade at the targeted area where it will spin around and deal AoE damage. Judging from the footage, you can relocate the magical blade multiple times. I assume the Ghost Blade has a specific duration time and while it’s active you can reposition it. If it works on “charges” you lose the previous Ghost Blade when activating the new one.

From the Shadows

This magic spell makes you invincible and increases your damage while you are in stealth mode. Judging from the footage, you don’t directly go out of stealth mode when attacking. It’s unsure if the duration is based on a limited number of attacks or time. I can see the Stabbomancer having a “backstab” skill in its tree to boost damage dealt from behind.

Class Powers

These are the Stabbomancer stats that get boosted by Class Power.

  • Dirty Fighting Critical Hit Chance
  • Ghost Blade
  • From The Shadows

Skill Tree

The Stabbomancer’s Skill Tree lets you specialize in dealing critical hit damage and create interesting combat loops by combining Gun & Spell Damage with Melee Attacks. You can also have fun with stacking elemental damage types.

Best Background

The Best backgrounds for the Stabbomancer are; Village Idiot, Raised by Elves, Failed Monk, Rogue Alchemist, or Nerfed by the Bunkermaster. This is based on the game’s Hero Points suggestions. However, for End Game builds you can’t go wrong with Village Idiot or Nerfed by the Bunkermaster.

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