Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Inventory

As you traverse the Wonderlands, you are able to collect a lot of loot and take it along with you during your quest. Your inventory space consists of multiple slots, each providing to equip a specific type of item.

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Besides having slots to equip your gear you have a backpack. These slots you can use to carry around stuff. These could be backup weapons that you need for particular combat scenarios but you can also fill them up with loot so you can later sell them for Gold. Backpack size is always one of the most important things to a Borderlands-like game. If it’s up to the community, there is always be more slots.

The Default Backpack size is currently unknown but in the Hands-on Preview, there were 36 slots available.

You can mark items with a star so they cannot be sold or a trashcan so you can quickly sell them at a vending machine.

Item Score gives an indication of how good a specific item is. However, don’t stare blindly at this number. Some items work better with your build than others.

The item’s rarity tier color is displayed behind the item icon and an elemental icon is displayed to communicate its damage type.


You are able to purchase Storage Deck Upgrades (SDUs) in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. These packs allow you to increase your Ammo and Backpack sizes. You can get them at the Armory in the main HUB town called Brighthoof.


Ammo storage size based on the Hands-on Demo

  • Pistol: 200
  • SMG: 360
  • Assault Rifle: 280
  • Sniper: 48
  • Shotgun: 80
  • Heavy Weapon: 12

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