Beacon of civility, bastion of hope, Brighthoof is the vibrant and bustling seat of the queendom! Within its sturdy-yet-welcoming gates, travelers, traders, and troubadours of every stripe can find opportunity and adventure in equal measure–plus it’s got a tavern, so it’s pretty much required that you go there every now and then.

In-Game Description


  • Lucky Dice Locations: Brighthoof


  • Reach Mane Square
    • Defeat ambush
    • Seduce drawbridge
  • Clear Mane Square
  • Read prophecy
  • Talk to Paladin Mike
  • Approach Butt Stallion
  • Follow Butt Stallion

Side Quests

  • A Small Favor
  • A Walk to Dismember
  • Goblins in the Garden
  • A Realm in Peril


  • Glitteryards
  • The Wibblesern Well
  • Harborside
  • Hawker’s Walk
  • Izzy’s Fizzies
  • Mane Square
  • Castle Sparklewithers
  • Chestnut Gate


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble2
Lucky Dice20
Poetry Pages2

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