Crackmast Cove

Crackmast Cove

Ahoy and avast, me hearties! Crackmast Cove be a haven for all manner of necrotized, naval ne’er-do-wells, so ye’d best pack your blackest powder and most cutly lass, lest ye wish to share their fate! Also, it’s the only place in the Wonderlands where you can talk all piratical and no one’s allowed to judge you for it.

In-Game Description


Side Quests

  • In the Belly is a Beast
  • The Wandering Aye
  • All Swashed Up
  • A Wandering Aye


  • Crab Park
  • Bonethrow Bay
  • Judgement’s Wait
  • Swarthy Cannonade
  • Coiled Hollow
  • The Jaggs
  • Scallywag Landing
  • Viscetta’s Viscera
  • Dead Man’s Charleston
  • The Supreme Port


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble2
Lucky Dice22
Poetry Pages2

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