Drowned Abyss

Drowned Abyss

If you listen closely, you can hear dolours burbling of millions of fishfolk whose spirits now reside in these depths, laid bare for the first time since the Overworld was wrought. Only their grand works remain of their civilization, standing as a testament, as if to say, “Look upon my works, Seriously, just look at ’em. Really drink those works in.

In-Game Description


Side Quests

  • Diplomatic Relations
  • Of Curse and Claw


  • Oncewet Court
  • Untrodden Depths
  • Seapulchre
  • Temple of the Slithersong
  • Temple of Sacrifice
  • Dry’l Boudoir
  • Godswell (Sub-map)


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble2
Lucky Dice20
Poetry Pages2

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