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Ossu-gol Necropolis

Ossu-gol Necropolis

Death, the great equalizer! And nowhere is it greater or more equal than Ossu-Gol, the fanciest city of the dead this side of the dirt. This place has it all! Skeletons? Check. Tombs? You betcha. Curses? Buddy, the CURSES have curses here! It’s an archaeologist’s dream! But also, the kind of dream where they get to torn to pieces by vengeful skeletons, so, you know, have a care.

In-Game Description


Side Quests

  • Armageddon Distracted
  • Hot Fizz


  • Legion Perimeter
  • Shrine of Fire
  • The Cairn-City
  • Shrine of Poison
  • Shrine of Frost
  • Shrine of Lightning
  • Sandchocked Catacombs
  • At the foot of Badness
  • Hall of Heroes


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble2
Lucky Dice20
Poetry Pages2

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