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Shattergrave Barrow

Shattergrave Barrow

Like all great nations and growing number of gender reveal parties, Brighthoof had a corpse problem. What to do with the immortal remains of the countless dark-hearted villains, wage-stealing barons, and void-dabbing sorcerers who just will not stop climbing out of their graves? Why, bury them near a sword that eats souls, of course?

In-Game Description



  • Go to Shattergrave Barrow
  • Find Sword of Souls
    • Kill Zomboss
    • Clear area
    • Kill Zomboss again
    • Pick up Dark Magic spell
    • Clear area
    • Kill Zomboss again again
    • Enter ruin
    • Find Tome of Fate
      • Kill Mimic
    • Pick up Tome of Fate
    • Read Fatemaker’s Creed
    • Kill Zomboss for realsies
    • Approach Butt Stallion
  • Vanquish Zomboss
  • Pick up Sword of Souls
  • Return to Brighthoof

Side Quests

  • None


  • The Barrow Gates
  • Morhaim’s Crop
  • The Bone Grove
  • The Grave Nave
  • The Sundercroft


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble0
Lucky Dice12
Poetry Pages0

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