Snoring Valley

Snoring Valley

What a totally ordinary, out-of-the-way, idyllic village! Perfect for any family looking to settle down to an uneventful life of quiet, safe, communal obscurity. Anathema to heroes, villains, and the cataclysmic adventures that follow in their wake.

In-Game Description


Main Story Walkthrough

  • Follow Clopping Road
  • Follow hoofprints
    • Continue following hoofprints
    • Take axe
  • Investigate shrine
    • Loot shrine chest
  • Continue to village
    • Kill undead
    • Loot chest
    • Continue to village
    • Kill undead
    • Revive peasant ass peasant
    • Use your Action Skill
  • Investigate castle ruins
    • Open gate
    • Clear throne room of skeletons
    • Take spell
    • Hit a skeleton with a spell
    • Drop chandelier
    • Follow chandelier
  • Investigate crypt
    • Clear crypt of skellies
    • Enter Dragon Lord’s tomb
    • Kill Ribula
    • Seal Dragon Lord away
    • Read prophecy

Side Quests

  • None


  • Dusty Crypt
  • Castle Harrowfast
  • Nothinghappenshereshire
  • The Haunted Cascade
  • Glade of Helpful Tutorials


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble0
Lucky Dice4
Poetry Pages1

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