Tangle Drift

Get your head in the clouds, and come visit Tangledrift! Gawk in naked awe at the vistas offered by the overworld’s newest, most vertiginous city! Gaze in slackjawed superiority at the lower folk–the complete lack of safety rails means you can pelt them with coins at terminal velocity whenever you like! Tangledrift: if you like getting high on plants, there’s no plant higher!

In-Game Description


Side Quests

  • Ron Rivote
  • Burning Hunger


  • Tilter’s Whirl
  • Murder Church
  • Last Light
  • Upkeep Keep
  • The Friendscape
  • Chains of the Elder
  • What’s Left of Driftwood
  • Beanageddon
  • Tatty Shack
  • Avie’s Idyll


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble2
Lucky Dice21
Poetry Pages1

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