The Fearamid

The Fearamid

Atop this tortured heap of stone and iron rests the seat of the Dragon Lord’s power, a withering nexus of soul-sucking magic that threatens to doom the entire realm. Where were the stones quarried from? How was it built with pre-industrial technology? What was its original purpose? If this weren’t a fantasy land, one might thing the answer to these questions had something to do with aliens, but, no, it’s magic. Plain old magic, with a dash of evil.

In-Game Description


Side Quests

  • None


  • The Ruling Core
  • Soul Collection Nexus
  • Facing Fear
  • Pryamidion
  • The Wonderstorm
  • Crest of Fate (Sub-Map)


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble2
Lucky Dice9
Poetry Pages1

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