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Wargtooth Shallows

Wargtooth Shallows

Long ago, in the age of the Handsome Sorcerer, it was prophesied that the ocean would come to ruin, and its waves be forever stilled. Welp, all the fish thought the prophecy was totally bogus, and look where it got ’em! “the ocean is too big to blow up.” they said, “the world depends on our ecosystem.” they said, “What kind of intelligent creator would do something so laughably ridiculous?” Well, whos’ laughing NOW, huh?!

In-Game Description



  • Enter Wargtooth Shallows
  • Cross ocean floor
  • Talk to pirate
  • Find Polly’s parts
    • Polly’s eyepatch
    • Polly’s flappers
    • Polly’s squawker
  • Kill Mobley Dick
  • Collect polymagical core
  • Present polymagical core to Bones
  • Place eyepatch
  • Place squawker
  • Place flappers
  • Find First Mate
  • Destroy First Mate’s mug
  • Choose insult
  • Defeat First Mate
  • Go to Plunder Port
  • Find Swabbie and Cabin Boy
  • Pop balloons
  • Pop big, big balloon
  • Fight off new recruits
  • Defeat Swabbie
  • Defeat Cabin Boy
  • Find Marley Maiden
  • Defeat LeChance’s crew
  • Defeat Deckhands the Helmsman
  • Collect captain’s wheel
  • Screw captain’s wheel in place
  • Defeat Higginsworth the Bosun
  • Collect ship’s flag
  • Raise ship’s flag up mast
  • Defeat Second Mate
  • Collect figurehead jaw
  • Attach figurehead jaw
  • Raise Marley Maiden
  • Travel through tunnel
  • Find LeChance
    • Read prophecy
  • Defeat LeChance’s crew
  • Defeat LeChance
  • Plunder booty
  • Go to Nerpern Gate

Side Quests

  • Twenty Thousand Years Under the Sea
  • Raiders of the Lost Shark


  • Dumpstat Trench
  • Wreck of the Carole Anne


Collectible ItemAmount
Lost Marble2
Lucky Dice21
Poetry Pages2

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