Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Amulets

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Everything You Want To Know About Amulets

Amulets provide special abilities to your character in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. You are able to equip 1 Amulet in your loadout, however, you will need to unlock this slot throughout the game.

Amulets are made by the manufacturer Vatu and come in a ridiculously wide variety of forms and functions.

Amulets are more likely to grant special effects, like a chance to instantly reload your equipped gun’s ammo after a melee hit. They can also increase things like Class Power and damage, whether that’s all your damage across the board or more specific avenues like gun or status effect damage.

If you are coming from Borderlands 3, Amulets can act like Artifacts.

Amulet Rarities

Amulets can come in various rarity tiers, the higher the rarity tier your Amulet is the higher the chance is that you will find more components on the item.

  • Common: 1 Secondary Stat
  • Uncommon: 1/2 Primary, 0/1 Secondary Stats
  • Rare: 2 Primary, 1 Secondary Stats
  • Epic: 2 Primary, 1/2 Secondary Stats
  • Legendary: 2 Primary, 1/2 Secondary Stats, Unique Legendary Effect

Amulet Prefix

The Amulet prefix will also reflect on the Class Power the item boosts.

Class Power

Elemental Damage

Amulet Components

Components are split into primary and secondary components. Primary components boost major stats of your character, while secondary components boost minor stats. That said, there are special components that you can find as a secondary section, so don’t quickly dismiss Amulets as you browse through them.

Primary Stats

Primary Stats increase your Elemental Damage and your Class Power. The higher the items level the bigger boost it will provide.

Primary StatsLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
<Element> Damage30.00%34.84%40.60%47.43%55.6%
Class Power25.00%29.06%33.87%39.60%46.4%

Secondary Stats

These are additional passive stats that can randomly roll on an item.

Secondary StatsLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Status EffectChance25.00%29.36%34.53%40.68%48.0%
Status Effect Damage25.00%29.42%34.67%40.91%48.3%
Loot Luck15.00%17.47%20.40%23.88%28.0%
All Damage10.00%11.43%13.12%15.14%17.5%
Action Skill Cooldown Rate20.00%23.16%26.91%31.37%36.7%
Fire Rate10.00%11.62%13.55%15.84%18.6%
Reload Time17.65%20.59%24.09%28.25%33.2%
Magazine Size20.00%23.00%26.56%30.79%35.8%
Dark Magic Efficiency20.00%23.43%27.51%32.36%38.1%

Unique Traits

Unique ItemUnique Effect
Rivote’s Amulet+36% Bravery against larger enemies
Vorcanar’s CogOn Ground Slam, Launch a homing Fireball forwards

Legendary Traits

Legendary ItemLegendary Effect
BarboloadAttacks have a 22% chance to fire attached Crossbolts to nearby enemies and refund a portion of ammo.
Blaze Of GloryUpon entering Save Your Soul, the Fatemaker’s Guns are reloaded and deal 30% Bonus Fire Damage.
Save Your Soul duration depletes 50% faster.
BradluckYou gain Bradluck which applies a random(bad) effect to you every 8 seconds.
Frenzied WrathWhen a Fatemaker or a Companion kills an enemy, Companion’s Damage is increased by 20% for 15 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
HarbingerActivating an Action Skill instantly restores 50% of your Ward over 2 seconds.
Joint TrainingFatemaker’s Critical Hits increase Companion’s Critical Hit Chance by 80% for 6 seconds.
Companion’s Critical Hits increase Fatemaker’s Critical Hit Damage by 30% for 6 seconds.
Overflow BloodbagWhile Health is full, Healing from Dark Magic increases Maximum Health.
Sacrificial SkeepWhen Health is below 50%, summons a Scarificial Skeep. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
Slip ‘n’ StunSlide Speed is increased by 76% and sliding leaves behind a Lightning Trail.
After Sliding, the next Melee Attack deals 45% bonus Lightning damage.
The ProtagonizerIncreases Ability Critical Hit Chance and Ability Critical Damage by a fixed percentage per number of points in Attunement. The value is based on the item’s level and is listed in the table below.
TheurgeWhenever you cast a Spell, reduce your remaining Action Skill Cooldown by 20%.
While your Action Skill is on Cooldown, Spell Damage is increased by 30%.
Universal SoldierWhenever you deal Melee Damage you have a 30% chance to instantly reload 100% of your currently equipped Guns Ammo.
Bonus Gun Damage

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