Armor in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands provides additional powers to your character. They can provide you will additional Class Power, Skill Points, and Stat increases. Armor acts like ‘Class Mods’ but unlike the Borderlands Class Mods they do not just boost one specific character, in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Armor can boost multiple classes as multi-classing is a thing.


Armor is made by Valora, Kleave, or Swifft and they come in various Rarities. The higher the rarity tier the more powerful it is as you will see more Skill Points and Stat Boosts on the item card.

  • COMMEN: 1 Secondary Stats
  • UNCOMMEN: 1 Class Power, 1/2 Secondary Stats
  • RARE: +3 Skill Points, 1 Class Power, 2/3 Secondary Stats
  • EPIC: +5 Skill Points, 2 Class Powers, 2/3 Secondary Stats
  • LEGENDARY: +5 Skill Points, 2 Class Powers, 3 Secondary Stats, Legendary Effect

Skill Points

Powerful Armor is attuned to a specific Class or on higher rarity tiers multiple Classes. They can provide you with additional Skill Points. You don’t need to have points spent on that Passive Skill to benefit from the free Skill Points provided by the Armor.

Armor that is attuned to multiple classes focuses on a primary class. So you will see bigger boosts to the primary class and a smaller boost to the secondary class. This will translate into +3/4 Primary Class Skill Points and +1/2 Secondary Class Skill Points. Skill point buffs always max out on +5, while it’s generally spread out across multiple skills, it’s possible to get all 5 points into a single skill allowing you to get a skill to 10/5. It is also possible to get a +1 on a 1/1 skill.

  • 5-Point Skills: 0 to +5 points
  • 3-Point Skills: 0 to +3 points
  • 1-Point Skills: 0 to +1 points

While you generally want to match both of your chosen classes on your armor, it can be lucrative to equip an item that has a different secondary class as the bonus skill points go toward a very effective skill. There are some very powerful builds that utilize this.

Blightcaller Armor

The Blightcaller is part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Shattering Spectreglass and is included in the Season Pass.

Secondary ClassPrimary Class SkillPrimary Class SkillSecondary Class Skill
Brr-ZerkerVirulenceHex MachinaInstinct
ClawbringerAmped UpWraithmailDedication
GravebornWraithmailFlawless EdgeLord of Edges
SpellshotGeist in the ShellBurnt OfferingJust Warming Up
Spore WardenActive DecayToxicityThrill of the Hunt
StabbomancerAmped UpFlawless EdgeSwift Death

Brr-Zerker Armor

Secondary ClassPrimary Class SkillPrimary Class SkillSecondary Class Skill
BlightcallerBlast ChillAncestral FrostFrost Bite
ClawbringerSavageryBlast ChillDragon Aura
GravebornAncient FuryUnyieldingBlast Gasp
SpellshotAncestral FrostIce BreakerImbued Weapon
Spore WardenIce BreakerCold SnapAffinity
StabbomancerIron SquallThe Old WaysFollow Up

Clawbringer Armor

Secondary ClassPrimary Class SkillPrimary Class SkillSecondary Class Skill
BlightcallerAweOath of FireBurnt Offering
Brr-ZerkerRebukeOath of ThunderIron Squall
GravebornFriend to FlameOath of FireHarvest
SpellshotRadianceDedicationMage Armor
Spore WardenBlasthamut’s FavorOath of FireCalled Shot
StabbomancerAweOath of ThunderNimble Fingers

Graveborn Armor

Secondary ClassPrimary Class SkillPrimary Class SkillSecondary Class Skill
BlightcallerDark PactBlast GaspWorse Curse
Brr-ZerkerMortal VesselAscensionBlood Frenzy
ClawbringerEssence DrainBlast GaspDragon Aura
SpellshotEssence DrainAscensionWar Caster
Spore WardenFaithful ThrallsDark HydraThrill of the Hunt
StabbomancerDark PactStain of the SoulContagion

Spellshot Armor

Secondary ClassPrimary Class SkillPrimary Class SkillSecondary Class Skill
BlightcallerImbued WeaponFont of ManaWorse Curse
Brr-ZerkerJust Warming UpHigh Thread CountInstinct
ClawbringerJust Warming UpFont of ManaAwe
GravebornSpell SniperFont of ManaStain of the Soul
Spore WardenHigh Thread CountPrestidigitationWindrunner
StabbomancerSpell SniperDouble KnotA Thousand Cuts

Spore Warden Armor

Secondary ClassPrimary Class SkillPrimary Class SkillSecondary Class Skill
BlightcallerAffinityWrath of NatureGeist in the Shell
Brr-ZerkerBounty of the HuntWrath of NatureIron Squall
ClawbringerKindred HeartBullseyeFriend to Flame
GravebornKindred HeartWindrunnerHarvest
SpellshotCalled ShotEagle EyeImbued Weapon
StabbomancerBullseyeEagle EyeA Thousand Cuts

Stabbomancer Armor

Secondary ClassPrimary Class SkillPrimary Class SkillSecondary Class Skill
BlightcallerExploit Their WeaknessContagionVirulence
Brr-ZerkerHasteSwift DeathCold Snap
ClawbringerExploit Their WeaknessPotent PoisonsDragon Aura
GravebornArsenalSneak AttackLord of Edges
SpellshotNimble FingersArsenalMagic Bullets
Spore WardenSwift DeathFollow UpWindrunner

Class Power

Armor can provide you with additional Class Power. This directly increases your Class’ special abilities. Meaning your action skills and class feat will get increased damage or duration.

Armor that is attuned to multiple classes focuses on a primary class. So you will see bigger boosts to the primary class and a smaller boost to the secondary class.

Primary StatLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Primary Class Power30%34.3%39.4%45.4%52.6%
Secondary Class Power15%17.1%19.7%22.7%26.3%

Secondary Stats

Armor can randomly roll from 0 to 3 secondary passive stats. The higher the rarity of the item the bigger the chance of multiple passive stats. The higher the item’s level the bigger the passive boost will be. These secondary stats are divided into 6 clusters to keep them balanced.

Secondary StatLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Gun Crit Chance30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Fire Rate30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Gun Damage25.00%29.63%35.13%41.66%49.4%
Melee Crit Chance30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Melee Damage25.00%29.63%35.13%41.66%49.4%
Spell Crit Chance30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Spell Damage25.00%29.63%35.13%41.66%49.4%
Increased Max Ward30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Ward Regen Rate30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Ward Regen Delay-42.85%-50.79%-60.22%-71.42%-84.7%
Passive Health Regen1.50%1.78%2.11%2.50%+3.0%
Health Max30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Companion Damage25.00%29.63%35.13%41.66%49.4%
Companion Crit Chance30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Skill Critical Hit Chance30.00%35.56%42.16%50.00%59.3%
Ability Damage25.00%29.63%35.13%41.66%49.4%
Area Damage15.00%17.77%21.07%24.99%29.7%
All Damage15.00%17.77%21.07%24.99%29.7%

Passive Clusters

The secondary passive stats are grouped into six clusters. You can only get 1 passive stat from a single cluster. This means that when you get “Move Speed”, you cannot get “Comp Crit Chance” or “Skill Crit Chance” anymore. If you have received a piece of armor that does have multiple stats from 1 cluster, your item has been modded.

Cluster 1Cluster 2Cluster 3Cluster 4Cluster 5Cluster 6
Move SpeedWard MaxAll DamageGun Crit ChanceGun DamageComp Damage
Comp Crit ChanceWard DelaySkill DamageSpell Crit ChanceSpell DamageSplash Damage
Skill Crit ChanceWard RegenMelee Crit ChanceMelee DamageFire Rate
Max Health
Health Regen

Legendary Effect

Legendary Armor has special effects that you cannot find on other Amor pieces. Here is a quick breakdown of all the Legendary Armors in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Check out the individual pages for an in-depth guide on the item.

ArmorLegendary Effect
Amalgam5 Passive Stats
Blank SlateHidden Buffs
Brutal StampedeIncreases 2 stats for every companion you have.
CalamityIncreases your Fire Damage for each unique enemy hit.
Cape of TidesApplies the Soak effect to enemies for 10 seconds
ClawConverts Companion’s Damage and Weakens Enemies.
Corrupted PlatemailIncreases Dark Magic
Deathless MantleIncreased Ward by Removing Health
Diamond GauntletsIncreased Damage when standing still
Head of the SnakeKeep Hydras around
Miasmic MailIncreased Status Effects
Mosquito’s MantleFree Crossbolts and Cooldown
PandemeciumPoison Explosions
Selective AmnesiaYou are on FIRE!
Smart ArmorMore Critical Hit Damage at the cost of Chance
Tyrant’s TruthIncreased Damage at the cost of companions
Warped ParadigmIncreased Damaged based on Damage

Some info provided by Lazy Data, Ki11erSix, and osetor74

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