Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Rings

Everything you need to know about Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Rings.
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Everything You Want To Know About Rings

Rings let you increase your stats in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. You are able to equip 2 Rings on your character, however, you will need to unlock these slots throughout the game.

Rings are made by the manufacturer Vatu and come in a ridiculously wide variety of forms and functions.

Rings typically provide flat boosts to your loadout, like increases to Action Skill duration, damage or magazine size for a given gun type, Companion damage, and so on.

Rarity Components

  • COMMON: 0 Primary, 1 Secondary
  • UNCOMMON: 0/1 Primary, 1 Secondary
  • RARE: 1 Primary, 1/2 Secondary
  • EPIC: 1 Primary, 2 Secondary
  • LEGENDARY: 1 Primary, 2/3 Secondary

Ring Prefix

  • Focused: Gun Damage
  • Pummeling: Melee Damage
  • Magic: Spell Damage
  • Skillful: Ability Damage
  • Ally’s: Companion Damage

Primary Stats Bonuses

Primary Stats BonusesLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Companion Damage15.00%17.14%19.68%22.70%26.30%
Gun Damage15.00%17.14%19.68%22.70%26.30%
Melee Damage15.00%17.14%19.68%22.70%26.30%
Skill Damage15.00%17.14%19.68%22.70%26.30%
Spell Damage15.00%17.14%19.68%22.70%26.30%

Secondary Stats Bonuses

Secondary Stat BonusLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Companion Crit Chance15.00%17.77%21.07%24.99%29.70%
Melee Crit Chance15.00%17.77%21.07%24.99%29.70%
Skill Crit Chance15.00%17.77%21.07%24.99%29.70%
Spell Crit Chance15.00%17.77%21.07%24.99%29.70%
Companion Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
Melee Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
Ability Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
Spell Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
Assault Rifle Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
Pistol Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
Shotgun Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
SMG Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
Sniper Rifle Crit Damage12.50%14.81%17.56%20.83%24.70%
Companion Health15.00%17.77%21.07%24.99%29.70%
Dark Magic Efficiency10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Ability Cooldown10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Spell Cooldown10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Ability Duration10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Spell Radius10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Assault Rifle Mag Size15.00%17.77%21.07%24.99%29.70%
Pistol Mag Size10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Shotgun Mag Size10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
SMG Mag Size8.00%9.48%11.24%13.33%15.80%
Sniper Rifle Mag Size10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Assault Rifle Reload Speed10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Pistol Reload Speed10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Shotgun Reload Speed10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
SMG Reload Speed10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%
Sniper Rifle Reload Speed10.00%11.85%14.05%16.67%19.80%

Unique Stats Bonuses

  • +25% Damage while in [location] (Quest Reward)
  • +20% Fire Damage
  • Critical hits increase non-Crit dmg by 3% for a short duration. Stacks 5x
  • +15% Melee dmg, rotating between elements

Legendary Rings

Ring TypeLegendary Effect
CHAMPIONSHIP RINGDealing damage to a Boss increases the Championship Ring’s effects by 50% for 10 seconds
CLASS RINGWhile your Action Skill is on Cooldown, the Class Ring’s stats are increased by 50%.
FINGER WARDWhile your Ward is full, the Finger Ward’s stats are increased by 66%.
FINGERTIP PULSE OXIMETERWhile you are below 50% Health, the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter’s stats are increased by 50%.
MOOD RINGWhile your Ward is not full, the Mood Ring’s stats are increased by 33%.
PROMISE RINGWhile Action Skill is ready, the Promise Ring’s stats are increased by 33%.
SHELL CASING RINGWhile you are below 50% Ammo, the Shell Casting Ring’s stats are increased by 66%.
SILICONE RINGWhile you are above 50% Health, the Silicone Ring’s stats are increased by 33%.
THUMB CUFFSWhile you are in a Dungeon, the Thumb Cuff’s stats are increased by 33%.


  • Focus on the passives rather than the rarity of a ring as it is pretty hard to get the stats you need.
  • Mood rings while popular actually have smaller bonuses and lower uptime than Sharksbane, Promise Ring, and Shell Casing.

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