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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Magic Spells

Everything you need to know about Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Magic Spells. Spell Types, Delivery Mechanics, and more
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Magic Spells

Magic Spells

Magic spells are one of the types of loot you can obtain in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They come in the form of a book. Spells are not simply a cosmetic change compared to the grenades from Borderlands. Instead, magic spells are like mini-action-skills but with a fast cooldown

Magic Spells run on the Borderlands™ weapon system. This means you can expect a big variety of spells just like we saw a lot of different grenades in Borderlands 3. The first thing that comes to my mind is that a fireball spell could have multiple fireballs, flight straight or home in on enemies, etc etc.

Magic Spells have to cool down before you can use them again. These cooldowns are shorter than your action skill cooldown. Some spells can reset their cooldown when they score a critical hit. There are Magic Spells that have multiple charges before they go into cooldown.

Each Magic spell has its own visual identity based on what type of spell it is. Each effect has its own sigil which you see in the hand of your character when the spell is cast.

Spells are being cast through a wand or hand gestures. Dual-wielding Spells and performing the Polymorph spell are both skills of the Spellshot Class.

While there isn’t a strict spell-casting class in Wonderlands, in theory, with the right combination of weapons, spells and other modifiers, you could build a “god tier spell caster”

Ash Lyons
TTWL Magic Spell Books
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Magic Books

Magic Manufacturers

There are 4 different magic spell manufacturers in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Each spell manufacturer has its own magic delivery system.

ManufacturerSpell Effect
ConjuraSimple Cast Magic Spells, these are the Fire & Forget Spells.
ArkenChannel Cast Magic Spells, by holding down the trigger, you will charge the spell’s powers.
Wyrd WeaverRepeating-cast Magic Spells. You can barrage your opponents with magic.
MiraculumSelf-cast Magic Spells. These are your protective bubbles or blasts that originate from you.

Magic Types

Magic Spells come in a variety of different types and can have various modifiers. You really want to pay attention to these additional modifiers as they greatly increase the spell’s ability. For example, there is a Meteor Magic Spell that triggers a singularity just before impact so it pulls enemies into the blast radius.

Here are the Magic Spell Types and their powerful variations:


  • Bonding Arc Torrent: Hold to cast repeatedly. Throw a charged shard that arcs lightning at nearby enemies.
  • Cloudburst Arc Torrent: Calls down a lightning bolt.
  • Dancing Arc Torrent: Lightning will chain to nearby enemies.

Circles of Protection

  • Empowering Sigil: Reduced radius, increase damage resistance, attaches to the caster.
  • Fortifying Sigil: Increases all damage by 20% while inside and heals for 8% of health every second.
  • Vigilant Sigil: Sigil spawns hydra turrets to fire on enemies.


  • Colliding Eruption: Knocks back all enemies hit by the eruption.
  • Consuming Eruption: Spawns a singularity, and erupts after a short delay.
  • Discharging Eruption: Leave a splat after detonation.
  • Quaking Eruption: Repeat the spell in a large radius around the initial blast.


  • Luring Elemental Blast: Spawns a hydra on impact.
  • Massive Elemental Blast: Larger, slower fireball. Increased damage and damage radius.
  • Molten Elemental Blast: Leave an elemental splat on the ground.
  • Multiplying Elemental Blast: Fires 3 fireballs at once.
  • Pulsing Elemental Blast: Sticky.

Ground Fissures

  • Arcing Sunder: Hit enemies will chain elemental damage to nearby enemies.
  • Enduring Sunder: Fissure Lingers for a few seconds, dealing additional damage over time.
  • Quaking Sunder: Sends a second burst of energy through the fissure, sending another shock of damage through the original damage area and branching out towards nearby enemies.


  • Ensnaring Spectral Talons: A spectral wyvern draws in nearby enemies as it flies.
  • Flock of Spectral Talons: A spectral wyvern releases smaller damaging wyverns along its path.
  • Twin Spectral Talons: Summons multiple spectral wyverns.


  • Devouring Hydra: Summons a Hydra Companion that will spawn another Hydra whenever an enemy damaged by it is killed. Has a small chance to spawn an additional Hydra when damaging a boss.
  • Haunting Hydra: Summons an Elemental Sprite Companion that follows the targeted enemy, attacking it with magical projectiles.
  • Three-Headed Hydra: Summons a Hydra Companion with additional heads, firing more projectiles.

Ice Spikes

  • Impaling Ice Spike: Summons an ice spike from the ground.
  • Splintering Ice Spike: Spells deal 1% increased Damage for each spike stuck in the target. Spikes last 4 seconds.
  • Storming Ice Spike: Create a storm in the area.
  • Trickster’s Ice Spike: Spawn ice spikes that bounce between targets.
  • Triple Ice Spike: Casts several ice spikes in quick succession.

Magic Missile

  • Bursting Magic Barrage: Projectiles burst on impact and ricochet towards nearby enemies.
  • Cascading Magic Barrage: Launches additional projectiles over time toward other nearby enemies.
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage: Launches x fast, high-damaging projectile(s).
  • Overwhelming Magic Barrage: Launches additional projectiles.


  • Blazing Calamity: The meteor releases a ring of projectiles on impact.
  • Consuming Calamity: Pulls enemies into the meteor location.
  • Extinction Calamity: The meteor slows as it falls damaging nearby enemies.
  • Imminent Calamity: Fall speed is greatly increased.
  • Raining Calamity: Rains multiple small meteors down in the area.

Magic Spell Mods

These additional mods can roll on your Magic Spell and adjust the effectiveness of the spell you cast.




Magic Spells can be enchanted once you reached LVL 15. Enchantments add powerful interactions to your build.

  • After getting a Spell Kill, gain a +XX% chance to shoot an additional projectile for a moderate duration.
  • After casting a Spell, your Gun and Melee Attacks have +XX% Critical Hit Chance for a short duration.
  • After casting a Spell, your next Melee Attack deals +XX% Damage with increased knockback for a moderate duration.

How to Cast Spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Your journey starts in Snoring Valley when you start playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This area acts as the game’s tutorial as it introduces you to the various mechanics. There you will be tasked to “Investigate castle ruins” after clearing the throne room of skeletons, you need to pick up your first magic spell. Once you have it, you can cast the spell with the “traditional grenade” button you might know from other shooters.


You have to press or hold and release the button depending on the type of magic spell. Because some spells are “Fire&Forget” while others need to be charged, “Channeled”.

Where the spell slot is location in the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Menu
Spell Slot in Wonderlands Menu


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