Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Wards

Everything you need to know about Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wards. Manufacturers, Themes, and more.
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Everything You Want To Know About Wards


Wards are your shield in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They protect your health bar from incoming damage. If your Shield Capacity is drained, your Ward will break and will need to recharge again. Wards are crucial to your survivability thanks to their shielding magic. They also come with a wide assortment of bonus effects.


There are 3 Ward Manufacturers in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands that offer you protection. Each of these manufacturers has its own spin on shielding you from incoming damage.


Ashen Wards are quick to recharge when broken, this allows you to also quickly duck in and out of combat. However, the tradeoff for this rapid recharging is a lower max capacity. So don’t become overconfident as Ashen Wards can drain as fast as they recharge.

+ Quicky Recharge

– Low Capacity


The tinkerers at Pangoblin like to make Wards with boosted shield capacity, so you can laugh in your enemy’s faces as they fruitlessly try to stab you to death. But you may want to run and hide if and when your Ward breaks, as it’ll take longer to recharge.

+ High Capacity

– Slow Recharge


Hyperius’ Wards offer bonuses when you’ve kept your shield in pristine condition. For example, they might deliver a crackling electric shock to the first enemy who strikes you, or empower the first shot from your gun with increased damage at the cost of some of your Ward’s energy.

+ Added Effects

– Shield needs to be charged

Rarity Tiers

  • COMMON: 0 Components
  • UNCOMMON: 1 Component
  • RARE: 2 Components
  • EPIC: 3 Components
  • LEGENDARY: 1 Rune

Shield Components

  • ABSORB: +15% chance to Absorb bullets as Ammo.
  • ADAPTIVE: +8% Maximum Health and 17% Damage Resistance to the last damage type received for 3 seconds.
  • ADRENALINE: +23% Reload Speed while Ward is depleted.
  • AMP: While Full, shots drain 30% Ward for 20% Gun Damage.
  • BRIMMING: While full: +5% Max-Health Regen/s
  • CAPACITY: +25%/+50%/ Maximum Ward.
  • DELAY: -25% Ward Recharge Delay.
  • FLEET: +10% Movement Speed while Ward is depleted.
  • HEALTH: +10% Maximum Health.
  • NOVA: Trigger an Elemental Damage Nova on Ward Break
  • RECHARGE: +15% Ward Regeneration Rate
  • REFLECT: 15%/30% chance to Reflect bullets and arrows while Warded.
  • RESISTANT: Increases Resistance
  • ROID: +20% Melee Damage while Ward is depleted
  • SAFE-SPACE: Knocks back all enemies on Ward break
  • SPIKE: Return xxx Damage if dealt Melee Damage while Warded.
  • TRIGGER HAPPY: +10% Fire Rare while Ward is depleted
  • TURTLE: +40% Ward Capacity, -10% Maximum Health.
  • VAGABOND: +10% Movement Speed while Ward is full.


You can find Runes on Legendary Wards. These special abilities can be beneficial for your whole party.

  • Body Run: When you kill an enemy, restore 15% of your Maximum Health and deal +20% Bonus Fire Damage for a short duration.
  • Master Rune: Increase Companion Damage by 25%.
  • Mind Rune: When you cast a Spell, summon a Frost Rune under a nearby enemy that explodes after a short delay. This effect has a short cooldown.
  • Spirit Rune: While standing still, gain 20% increased Lightning Damage and Ward Regeneration Delay is reduced to 0 seconds.


Wards can be enchanted once you reached LVL 15. Enchantments add powerful interactions to your build.

  • Gain +XX% Loot Luck.
  • While Health is full gain +XX% Gun Damage and +YY% Critical Hit Damage.
  • When Health is below 50% regenerate +XX% Maximum Health per second and gain +YY% Damage Dealt.
  • On Ward break, gain +XX% Gun Critical Damage for ?? Seconds
  • On Ward break, gain +XX% Spell Critical Chance for ?? seconds
  • On Ward break, gain +XX% Elemental Resistance for ?? seconds.


There are five different kinds of design themes to Wards. Some of them are more hard-surface-y, some of them are more organic. They all have a general theme, accentuated by stat boosts that go with that theme.

  • Necronomicon: a creepy mix of skin and bone.
  • Steampunk vibe: gears, copper, and springs.
  • Poisonous plant type vibe: mushrooms, vines, and gross toxic stuff.
  • Knight Armor: royal armor plating, chainmail, and fur.

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